XMRP®Next generation aftersales MRP system

With our proprietary machine learning algorithms, XMRP® helps manufacturers with a large dataset to maintain an optimum level of safety stock of the service parts across all repair centres globally.

XMRP Safety stock
Predict safety stock

Predict the next 3, 6, 12 months or entire service lifetime after-sales parts safety stock and reduce the impact of disruptions.

XMRP excess stock management
Manage excess stock

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs on excess inventory across worldwide repair centers. XMRP helps correlate excess stock so users can make faster decisions.

XMRP last time buy
Expedite Last-Time-Buy

In times of unpredictable global component shortages, Last-Time-Buy planner helps you to collaborate with your upstream suppliers effectively.

XMRP EOL management
Plan EOL

Lack of inventory visibility is a significant challenge. EOL planner helps you to predict the service parts requirements for your EOL products.

Worldwide collaboration

Create branch, site and region according to your organisation charts. Incorporating the principle of least privilege (POLP), with our user access level and zone permission, you can allocate zones that are absolutely required for each user to perform routine and legitimate activities, improving security and enhancing each user’s learning curve.

XMRP Worldwide collaboration
Single Source of Truth

No matter where the product data is, on ERP, MES, internal systems, or spreadsheets, all related product data can come into DUGAA systems. We bring manufacturers’ product data to life and help companies to build resiliency into the supply chain.

See how DUGAA systems check the Data quality for your product data.

XMRP Single Source of Truth
Empower every team to drive action and insights
Global Service team

Dedicated aftersales MRP system to help you gain visibility and prediction thorough out entire product service lifetime and optimise worldwide inventory. Manage from new product introduction(NPI), product repair material requirements to end-of-life(EOL) complete lifecycle.

Regional Service team

Serve your regional customers with satisfaction. Prepare optimal level for repair parts inventory to support service and achieve turn-around-time target. Reduce or eliminate manual processes of excess stock management, and get real-time actionable insights.

For Business Operation team

XMRP helps purchasing department in the headquarters and regional offices streamline regional aftersales parts connectivity and increase transparency across supply chain. Take timely action to optimise worldwide inventory and unlock cost savings opportunities.

For IT team

Be a technology enabler, not a technology gatekeeper! The IT team only needs to assist with initial setups to facilitate the historical data and ongoing data to XMRP. After that, your users become self-sufficient and they can handle their mission-critical tasks on their own.

For Sales team

From selling the products to managing EOL, XMRP helps you to build trust and establish lasting relationships with your customers. Be effective in communication and providing accurate information on complex aftersales-related matters, you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: the sales KPI and growth.

For Company Executives

Monitor and gain visibility for regional and global aftersales services. XMRP helps companies digitize error-prone manual processes to drive customer satisfaction and achieve profitability, gain competitive advantage and stay market leader within your industry.

Beyond manufacturing - Environment & Sustainability

Companies are facing increasing expectations from their clients to be environmentally conscious. Manufacturers should not only have sustainability and climate strategies for product production, but the journey should also extend to the after-sales activities or even the entire product lifecycle.

With XMRP, you can optimise after-sales material planning for your worldwide operations, be proactive, avoid business disruptions and be a pioneer of ESG and sustainability.