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Next Generation Enterprise Solutions

DUGAA provides disruptive and innovative Enterprise SaaS solutions for global manufacturers.

We develop our proprietary technologies. All systems are data-driven and are designed to empower manufacturers and enterprises, enabling them to capture, store and process a large amount of data to solve real-world problems. Many features in DUGAA systems respond to a critical and long awaited industry need.

AWS Joint Innovation Center

AWS Joint Innovation Center (JIC) is founded by Amazon Web Services and the Taiwan MOEA Small and Medium Enterprise Administration. Applicants are strictly assessed and interviewed. Selected companies are deemed to have profound expertise and experience in cloud technologies. DUGAA was selected by AWS JIC and we aim to provide our cloud solutions to benefit global manufacturers.


DUGAA was established with the vision of providing technology manufacturers with smart solutions to expand their business globally.

At DUGAA, we created our products not by imitating other solutions. We started our creation from a blank canvas and our north-star was and is to solve industry problems in an elegant and sophisticated way.


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We believe the real goal is not adding more functions and over complicate things; The goal is to simplify without compromising the functionality.

We believe the real power is in simplicity.


Our vision is to revolutionize reverse logistics and product traceability.

Today’s change in the work environment is both cultural and technological. We are in the stage of Industry 4.0, the age of automation and cyber-physical systems.

We believe humans can play a significant role in the future of work environment only if they are equipped with the right tools.