With climate crisis, pandemics, war and component shortages, manufacturers need agile systems to bring visibility to tackle the ever-changing challenges.

Be proactive and resilient
DUGAA After-sales solutions bringERP/MES product data to life

I have an ERP system already, do I need DUGAA solutions?

We are not replacing or competing with your ERP system. ERP systems are essential to manufacturers, but they cannot handle the complexity of solving your after-sales management problems.

DUGAA systems bring your product to life and we do things that ERP/MES/CRM/Traditional systems cannot do. See more features below for Why using DUGAA solutions.

Big Data with data precision and visibility
DUGAA Big Data solutions for manufacturers

In DUGAA systems, the product data visibility is to the sub-component level. Every device is unique. Every serial number, part number, and lot number has many relations and data associations.

1000 records from your ERP or internal system may be the same as 1000 records in CSV, but in DUGAA systems, these 1000 records translate to millions of relations and connections.

We use AI to run predictions at scale. High-performance machine learning and proprietary algorithms run on big dataset, hot/changing data, calculating predictions for every component in every device.

Collaboration with worldwide staff and B2B clients
DUGAA help manufacturers for worldwide collaboration

In the traditional systems, the operations are done in a backroom in the office — data is dumped at the end of the day or once a month by one admin staff.

DUGAA systems are designed to be used by hundreds of employees across branches and thousands of your B2B clients around the world.

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about per-user licensing or sharing the same account. We have a unique pricing model to make the system affordable and help you to roll it out to your global users.

Made for purpose
DUGAA focus on solving manufacturers product related challenges

Many enterprise solutions such as ERP or CRM are focusing on Finance, accounting or HR. DUGAA solutions’ primary focus and architectural purpose is Product and Component instant traceability.

Speed. Real-time and near real-time
DUGAA speed and performance

One of the main frustration of dealing with large datasets and complex algorithms is the time. The time to finish the process can be anything from hours to days. By the time you finish the data processing, the world has changed.

At DUGAA we write machine-level, high-performance applications that compile to binary. This allows us to process data in nano-seconds and micro-seconds finishing tasks 1000X times faster.
(Human eye blinks in 1/10 second = 100 Milliseconds).
1 Microsecond = 1/1 million Second
1 NanoSecond = 1/1 Billion Second

Why you should care about speed?
The processes that used to take hours or days, now only take seconds or minutes. We run the processes on hot data (Live / Changing Data), so you always have up-to-date information.

When we finish data processing at such a speed, we have all the time in the world to calculate and update every relation, dependency and ripple effect.

High standard data quality
DUGAA Data Quality Check

Data is time proof for your enterprise while Ai and BI are evolving and replaceable. Data quality is key to meeting the demand of future enterprises. Scattered data or data silos across different systems and geographic locations are big challenges for companies to maintain synchronised and high quality data.

Data problems should be fixed while it is hot, rather than 12 months later when staff needs to dig out excel files, emails, and internal systems and resulting in poor data quality. Read more about the high-standard DUGAA Quality Check to see how we take care of every incoming data.

Beyond manufacturing - Sustainability & ESG
DUGAA solutions, ESG for after-sales

Companies are facing increasing expectations to be environmentally conscious. Manufacturers should not only have sustainability and climate strategies for product production, but the journey should also extend to the after-sales activities or even the entire product lifecycle.

With DUGAA solutions, your company will have high-resolution product lifecycle visibility for after-sales repair management and material planning for the worldwide operations, also help you on achieving circular economy, creating new business model to generate new revenue growth and business continuity.

Manufacturers can be proactive, avoid business disruptions and be a pioneer of ESG and sustainability.