Achieve the highest data quality and a Single Source of Truth for your company’s product information from manufacturing to after-sales.

Poor data quality destroys business value and information trust

Research conducted by Gartner has found that organisations believe poor data quality to be responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses. Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, Ted Friedman, once said, "As organisations accelerate their digital business efforts, poor data quality is a major contributor to a crisis in information trust and business value, negatively impacting financial performance.”

Challenges faced by organisations of all sizes

Most global manufacturers have multiple business units or repair sites in several cities or countries. Also, manufacturers have to deal with hundreds of suppliers or thousands of B2B customers and staff all over the world. Scattered data or data silos across different systems and geographic locations make maintaining synchronised and high quality data even more challenging.

High resolution data is key to improve business performance

Data Quality Check is not once a year standalone event, it should be from the beginning, ongoing and sustainable. While more companies are bringing AI or Machine Learning to assist their operations, AI models cannot solve the data quality issues. It is the opposite. Having a high data quality will help AI and Machine Learning generate more accurate predictions.

Cross-field Data Quality Check with Large Dataset
DUGAA Cross field data quality check
In DUGAA systems, all data is interconnected

Unlike traditional systems where data is usually isolated, in DUGAA systems, data is interconnected. We use our proprietary technologies to bring high resolution data visibility that traditional software cannot achieve.

DUGAA Data Quality Checker
We conquered Query Explosion and bring the highest data quality

Every record coming to DUGAA systems must pass the data quality check. We handle a large dataset from your company’s initial data import and we run tons of queries to verify data relations.

In typical enterprise systems, this will usually cause Query Explosion - Which means the Mathematically impossible number of queries.

We have conquered these challenges. Behind the scene, we do hundreds of operations in nano-seconds and micro-seconds. Therefore, we can determine the quality of 1 row of incoming data in a single-digit millisecond. Traditional systems cannot perform similar operations, and if they do, it might take a few hours to complete the tasks.

DUAA Data Quality multi-dimension
Multi-dimension data duplicate check

In traditional enterprise systems, when new data is entered, it will usually check the basic duplicate check, such as file format, date format, and product master ID. In a real-world scenario, product rework may happen and all the associate component ID will be shuffled. Traditional systems are not able to capture the details to the component level and this will lead to problems when performing traceability from the component.

To help the worldwide staff and clients after-sales returns, repairs or services, having accurate data is crucial. At DUGAA, we achieve multi-dimension data validation and cross-field duplicate checks in milliseconds, making Two-way traceability (from Product to Component & from Component to Product) can be done in seconds among millions or billions of data.