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DUGAA RMAONE - Enterprise RMA SystemDUGAA RMAONE - Enterprise RMA System

At DUGAA, we specialize in providing large scale cloud-based enterprise solutions for manufacturers who need to deal with their branches and clients globally, helping companies scale business, accelerate process and do more with the current workforce.

Our Patented Technologies are empowering organizations to visualize and manage a large amount of data fast and accurately.

We have been providing a superior business solution to businesses around the world and we are just getting started.

Cloud-based solutions

DUGAA cloud solutions allocates a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for each client. This ensures a highly scalable and flexible architecture across our systems. By using DUGAA solutions, customers benefit from our continuous development and updates.

Big Data Driven

With our own big data driven technologies embedded at the heart of our system, it makes running queries and getting the results in milliseconds possible in the cloud environment. This is crucial for companies who have millions of billions of data.

High performance

Big data solutions that respond in milliseconds are built different from those who respond in minutes.

DUGAA solutions is fast and capable of handling large traffic, achieving high performance with low latency at the same time. In addition, many of our solutions can benefit from multi-data center deployment.

Enterprise Workflow

What inspires us is, we see colleagues across departments or branches can work together and contribute, making the team collaboration easier and more productive.

Modular Design

DUGAA systems are built with modular design in mind. So as companies scale up, they can still rely on our systems by having a larger solutions around the existing DUGAA workflow and minimize staff learning curve.

Interconnected solutions

DUGAA systems are interconnected. Changes in one system will translate to updates in other systems. This increases productivity, accuracy and prevents duplicates, making data easy to process, manage and help enterprise to audit large amounts of data.

Accelerate business growth

Enterprise-grade managed solutions. Improve your IT agility, reduce costs with DUGAA high-performance, flexible and intelligent solutions.

Machine learning

DUGAA products are all big data driven. By using DUGAA Machine Learning modules, you can establish behavioral patterns, anomaly detection, recommendations and even predictions.

Leaders today need insight into their systems to make informed decisions.

DUGAA enterprise-grade solutions are built for global manufacturers. Leaders today need a data and analytics approach to systems information to help their organizations to achieve better outcomes.