Past + Present + Future

Every product to the Sub-component level

DUGAA® solutions use big-data and machine learning
to know the past, present and future of every single product to the sub-component level, in real-time.
Have visibility over entire supply chain and entire product life-cycle

Better collaboration, visibility and value creation
Supply Chain Traceability
  • Single Source of truth for product lifecycle data.
  • Unify the entire product lifecycle data from production, sales, return, repair and recycle.
  • Secure and instantly accessible from all your branches worldwide.

At DUGAA® we utilize big-data and machine-learning
to empower manufacturers with the level of accuracy + speed
which is never seen before.

Upstream and downstream supply chain

Your business is an interconnected system.

With DUGAA solutions, you can collaborate with upstream (suppliers) and downstream (B2B clients) supply chain, creating a resilient business model and ensuring business continuity by having clear visibility for many possibilities that the future holds.

Our Products
RMAONE®, big-data driven return and repair system

RMAONE® is the one system that you need for entire global return process. Everything from HQ to branch, repair centers and B2B clients is taken care in RMAONE.

Complex multi-tier warranties between HQ and branch, extended warranties and more.
You can have multiple workflows, every workflow has many stages that can be stacked to match your current operations. Items can flow forward and backward in the workflow independently.

Additional features TAT (turnaround time) with ability to pause, internal attachments, client attachments, repair quotations, client approve/reject quotations.
Full repair process, repair codes, repair costs, multi-currency.

Have better collaboration with your B2B clients, your clients can have dedicated account in RMAONE®. They can benefit from instant warranty info, tracking RMA stage for every product, approve or reject quotations. The innovative RMA Sandbox in client-side can enable admins to help clients to resolve any issue before authorizing RMA.

RMAONE is designed to be used by administrators from HQ and all global branches, repair operators and B2B clients worldwide.

Dugaa Tracer™, product traceability at sub-component level

DUGAA Tracer redefines Product-Data visibility and accessibility.

With tracer manufacturers can trace millions~billions of products and components in milliseconds. Tracer offers two-way traceability, from main device to components and vice versa.
DUGAA Tracer will transform the way employees, repair center engineers, B2B clients and suppliers accessing product data.

Tracer loads the data from RMAONE®, XMRP® and API(s), it functions as “The Single Source of Truth” which is globally accessible in realtime.

Tracer uses cloud first architecture, big-data and machine learning; processing millions~billions of records; traversing product, component, supplier, client, inventory relations in milliseconds. Everything from SLA (Service Level Agreement), ECN (Engineering Change Notice), Warranty, repair history to possible failure risk of a component in the future is just a click away.

Tracer has a smooth learning curve and it is easy to use. We ensure the system is usable by all employees regardless of their educational level. In simple words you don’t need expert level users or third party consultancy to use DUGAA systems including Tracer.

XMRP®, the next generation of material planing for after sales

Traditional MRP systems are focusing on material planning for manufacturing process while XMRP is solving key problems with After Sales material planing.

XMRP solves many unknown parameters that manufacturers have to deal with for their after-sales material planing. XMRP predicts when a product will fail, which component will fail and which repair site the product will be returned to. The repair site current stock level, open orders, split orders, delayed shipments and future stock level will be analyzed. XMRP is aware of component phased out and LTB (Last Time Buy).

With XMRP you can reduce sitting inventory in global repair sites, place accurate orders for components. Have detailed knowledge and numbers about what is going to happen in the future. Have visibility for every single product at sub-component level at global scale.

Have confidence with long term warranties and build a resilient business model and have business continuity even when global supply chain hits component shortage.

Reverse supply chains play an important role in reducing the environmental impacts of a product

The end product of one manufacturer can be a component for another manufacturer. The ability to trace to the component and sub-component level not only brings strategic advantages to the manufacturers but also helps them to work closely with their supply chain partnerships and create values beyond just lowering costs.

Reverse supply chains benefit the environment

Having data visibility to the component level has a great impact on the environment, climate and resources, minimizing the amount of waste created throughout the life cycles of your products.


Next Generation of MRP System

Built with Big Data and Machine Learning
Helping manufacturers tackle the unknown after-sales material planning
and provide predictions to forecast required components for repair services.

Explore now
DUGAA Cloud systems
Cloud-First Architecture

DUGAA® products are built with cloud-first architecture. We build modern distributed cloud applications which interconnect people and processes.

With DUGAA® solutions, administrators from your worldwide offices can collaborate closely with suppliers, B2B clients and repair centers. All product life cycle data can be accessible based on user roles and privileges.

DUGAA Big data

Not all Big-Data systems are created equal. Big data systems that respond in milliseconds are different from those that respond in minutes. Big-data systems holding cold-data in the lab are different from big-data systems holding hot-data and fast-data in globally distributed systems.

Big-Data is the cornerstone of all our products. Please check DUGAA REFLEX for more information.

DUGAA high performance
High Performance

Performance and speed are the keys to making big-data driven applications usable in the real world. For an average enterprise application, the difference between 3 milliseconds and 960 milliseconds might not be a deal-breaker; However when processing millions of incoming records on an hourly or daily basis, the difference can be seconds ~ minutes versus hours ~ days.

For DUGAA solutions, every millisecond matters. We achieve high performance and speed by deep-level coding and having a minimum dependency on third-party libraries.

DUGAA interconnected
Data Quality

The problem is, product data is scattered across multiple data silos. Data is not consistent and changes in one system sometimes do not sync with other related systems. In addition, duplicated data and outdated data can completely offset your analysis, therefore any decision made based on inaccurate data might not be the best decision.

find out how you will achieve the highest data quality and what was the technical challenges we solved.


Multi-Workflow, Multi-Stages

From Repair, DOA, Rework,
From inspection, quotation, repair to archive.

RMAONE is aware of every Master ID and
sub-component Serial numbers and MAC numbers.

highly optimized System

DUGAA solutions are highly optimized System

Our products are highly optimized for after-sales and reverse supply chain. We collaborate closely with industry leaders and top manufacturers to use the best practices in the industry and we are constantly evolving.

DUGAA products are not generic enterprise systems. Generic enterprise systems are referred to type of enterprise solutions that will provide you an environment so that anyone can build any system. Generic enterprise systems typically need high levels of customization and they offer lower accuracy and lower performance. These type of systems are unable to process deep logics and when there are too many moving parts, the system may have bugs and become unreliable. In contrast DUGAA systems are designed to handle large scale systems and complex real world situations with excellent performance.

Most important our products are ready to work from day one. No need to have expert level employees or have third-party consultancy. Customizations are just optional and flexible, many of configuration need to be set only once.

Supply Chain Traceability and Sustainability

Supply Chain Traceability and Sustainability

Today sustainability is becoming a necessity for manufactures.
Building your business operations based on sustainability is not just a moral responsibility, it can open up new business opportunities and generate revenue.

DUGAA Solutions can simplify the complexities of rapidly changing supply chain.
The end-product of one manufacturer can be a component for another manufacturer, that’s why supply chain systems cannot be deployed in isolation, your company is part of an interconnected system. This is where DUGAA sub-component level traceability transforms the supply chain traceability.

To reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and tackle the climate crisis, supply chain need to transform at global scale. Knowing the carbon footprint of every single component and knowing the current stages of component life-cycle and being able to predict the future at the component level can truly be the foundation for any other supply chain enhancements.