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Big Data Driven RMA System

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At DUGAA® we utilize big-data and machine-learning
to empower manufacturers with the level of accuracy + speed
which is never seen before.


Next Generation of MRP System

Built with Big Data and Machine Learning
Helping manufacturers tackle the unknown after-sales material planning
and provide predictions to forecast required components for repair services.

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DUGAA provides Enterprise SaaS solutions with Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. Our solutions are disruptive and innovative.

All systems are data-driven and are designed to empower manufacturers and enterprises, enabling them to capture, store and process a large amount of data to solve real-world problems.

As the products we use every day are becoming smarter, the software systems that are processing product related information should also get smarter.

DUGAA’s product lines answer the needs of global manufacturers, aiming to help everyday staff to perform their tasks to the best and make their work environment more productive. We believe people can play a significant role in the future of work environment only if they are equipped with the right tools.

At DUGAA, we develop our proprietary technologies and many features respond to a critical and long awaited industry need.

Know the Past, Present, Future of your products
× Enable your repair services and material planning over the cloud
What We Do

We are making the next generation of real-time, event-driven enterprise solutions with three core features Big Data, Machine Learning, and IoT integration. Start using DUGAA products now, and stay ahead of the competition.

No two products are the same™

DUGAA® solutions are for manufacturers and enterprises, who value the importance of real-time product information.

By using DUGAA® solutions, you will have real-time insight from manufacturing to repair of every single product. DUGAA® systems are Big-Data-Driven. Our systems are aware of every product to the sub-component level.

Big Data RMA System

Multi-Workflow, Multi-Stages

From Repair, DOA, Rework,
From inspection, quotation, repair to archive.

RMAONE is aware of every Master ID and
sub-component Serial numbers and MAC numbers.

DUGAA Cloud systems
Cloud-First Architecture

DUGAA® products are built with cloud-first architecture. We build modern applications which utilize the power of the cloud to interconnect people and processes.

Through DUGAA® APIs you can incorporate the power of the cloud to all your devices, including mobile apps, desktop apps, IoT Edge and Data Lakes.

DUGAA Big data

Not all Big-Data systems are created equal. Big data systems that respond in milliseconds are different from those who respond in minutes. Big-data systems running in the lab are different from big-data systems running in the wild.

Big-data is the cornerstone of all our products. Please check DUGAA Reflex for more information.

DUGAA high performance
High Performance

Performance is the key to make the big-data driven applications usable in real-world.

DUGAA® products are fast (low latency) and high performance. From streaming IoT data and edge analysis to checking duplicate records among 10 million+ semi-structured data all are achieved in milliseconds.

DUGAA interconnected
Interconnected solutions

DUGAA® systems are interconnected. Changes in one system will translate to updates in other systems. This increases productivity, accuracy and prevents duplicates, making data easy to process, manage and help the enterprise to audit large amounts of data.

RMAONE Worldwide RMA System
Machine Learning and Algorithmic Workflow

Enterprises today are operating based on days and hours. DUGAA® solutions are changing the related workflow to run in milliseconds. By the time a company staff is selecting an option from a select menu, DUGAA® Algorithmic Workflow can process millions of records and complete 100s of tasks. Imagine your enterprise where some works can be accomplished 1000 times faster, with the maximum accuracy.

Product Intelligence

Past + Present + Future

With DUGAA® Product Intelligence you will know the past, present and future of every single product to the sub-component level, in real-time, from anywhere, any device.

Modular Design

At DUGAA®, our core solution architecture can be expanded by loosely coupled modules which we have developed ground-up. This means you can choose the core product and expand the functionalities using related modules. DUGAA modules are high performance and scalable.

Enterprise Workflow

Most systems running the enterprises today were designed back in days that cloud computing, big data and machine learning were not a reality yet. These systems demand a specific workflow which can be counter-intuitive by modern workflow standards.

DUGAA® systems by nature will empower your employees and your clients by providing the right information at the right time and improving the overall workflow.

Accelerate Growth

Business growth requires the optimum balance between Collaboration and Control. To make better decisions, decision makers need to have access to real-time quality information.

Accelerate business growth with enterprise-grade managed solutions. Improve your IT agility, reduce costs with DUGAA® high-performance, flexible and intelligent solutions.

Machine Learning

DUGAA® products are all big-data-driven, and machine learning needs big data. By using DUGAA® Machine Learning, you can establish behavioral patterns, anomaly detection, recommendations, and even predictions.

You can automate many routines and repetitive tasks using the DUGAA® Algorithmic Workflow powered by machine learning.