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DUGAA RMAONE - Enterprise RMA SystemDUGAA RMAONE - Enterprise RMA System
DUGAA Generator - Data sheet, order information, catalog generatDUGAA Generator - Data sheet, order information, catalog generat
DUGAA RDATA - organize the centralize product information.DUGAA RDATA - organize the centralize product information.

Leaders today need insight into their systems to make informed decisions.

DUGAA enterprise-grade solutions are built for global manufacturers. Leaders today need a data and analytics approach to systems information to help their organizations to achieve better outcomes.

Modular Design

DUGAA modular design helps your organisations to build solutions around your existing workflow.

DUGAA systems are fast to learn and highly functional. Our systems are mature, solid and have been used by many global manufactures.

Interconnected Solutions

DUGAA systems are interconnected. Data in our systems is structured. Changes in one system will translate to updates in other systems. This increases productivity, accuracy and prevents duplicates.

DUGAA solutions make data easy to process, manage and help enterprise to audit large amounts of data.

Empowering Organisations

Our Patented Technologies are empowering organizations to visualize and manage a large amount of data fast and accurately.