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We use big data and machine learning technologies, processing large amounts of product-component data, analyzing multi-dimension relations, providing comprehensive insights to support your decision-making in after-sales material planning.

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Agile manufacturing brings complexity to after-sales services

The manufacturing industry nowadays needs to have the ability to produce lower quantities of more variety of products to meet new market demands. The agility of manufacturing also brings complexity to the after-sales repair services.

Manufacturers need to provide stable, long-term and high-quality after-sales service to gain the trust of B2B customers and enhance their competitiveness.

Intricacies of after-sales workflows

Most of the current enterprise software focuses on manufacturing, finance, customer relationship, sales and marketing.

Typical enterprise software cannot handle the intricacies of after-sales repair workflows, complex warranty, return-to-vendor, safety stock material planning, Last-Time-Buy service parts forecasting, component phaseout demand predictions and other critical operations.

Challenges for global manufacturers

For global manufacturers, problems get more complicated when data cannot be synchronized, global staff cannot collaborate, or interact with customers in real time. These may delay the company's growth and expansion.

After-sales services are crucial for company growth

Manufacturers need to provide stable, long-term and high-quality after-sales service to gain the trust of B2B customers and enhance their competitiveness.

The after-sales service department plays an important role. They have heavy workloads but lack proper systems. Mostly the work is done manually or with primitive methods which are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Be more successful with your after-sales management

DUGAA's Product-Component-Focused Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain & Manufacturing help companies to be more successful with their after-sales management.

DUGAA XMRP after-sales material planning

XMRP@ is built and equipped with our proprietary machine learning technologies to tackle unknowns and uncertainties of after-sales material planning, providing predictions for manufacturers to prepare and forecast the after-sales product repair materials.

DUGAA RMAONE B2B global RMA system

RMAONE@ is a global Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA) management system, which is built for manufacturers to manage their global RMA with worldwide B2B clients.

Instant multi-dimension data insight

DUGAA solution helps manufacturers instantly get data insight from products to components, helping companies in after-sales management, speeding up information communication with customers, optimizing after-sales material inventory, and improving supply chain efficiency.

Combined with our proprietary machine learning and big data technologies, our systems process multi-dimension data relations within microseconds, achieving the highest data quality and predictions.

Easy to roll out globally

DUGAA's systems are easy to learn and roll out globally, making worldwide collaboration feasible so your company can be more flexible and resilient, and focus on gaining competitive advantages and revenue generation.

DUGAA Solution Features

We use big data technologies fast process large amounts of incoming product and component data, and run through the most accurate data quality check. High data quality is crucial in helping your staff get correct data in real time, improving the precision of data analysis and predictions.

DUGAA XMRP after-sales material planning

Compared with typical enterprise software, which usually has a 2D rows and columns view of the data, in DUGAA systems, we rapidly connect the incoming data and generate multi-dimension data relations, uncovering hidden insights and data analysis that manufacturers might never see before.

DUGAA XMRP after sales material planning global collaboration

At DUGAA, we help global manufacturers collaborate with their worldwide repair sites. The administrators in the headquarters can create branches, and branch users accordingly. We incorporate the principle of least privilege (PoLP), so you can create users with access level and zone permission, allocating zones that are absolutely required for each user to perform routine and legitimate activities, improving security and enhancing each user’s learning curve.

Users in every branch can get their after-sales information accordingly, such as RMA submitted by their regional customers, warranty information, safety stock machine learning predictions, as well as check the material excess quantity in other repair sites, to make sure that all repair centers can deal with their after sales management swiftly and accurately and answers customers' demand on time.

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