Privacy Policy

At DUGAA, we do not gather or store any private data form the visitors of this website.

  • This website and other DUGAA systems are made for “business to business“ communications and you should not upload or share private information.
  • DUGAA website may uses cookie, sessions, local_storage, web_workers, service_workers and other technologies to optimize user experience.
  • By using the contact form, you agree that a member of our staff will contact you back by using phone or email to discuss your inquiry.
  • When visitors are registered or logged-in, we will store and use this information to serve you website contents that requires authentication.
  • We do not share your data with any third party.
  • We do use DUGAA tracking system that is helping us to serve the contents efficiently.
  • DUGAA tracking will provide us anonymous information that will help us to optimize our content.
  • If any of circumstances changed in the future, we will update these terms accordingly.

By using this website you agree to all above privacy policy.