The ONLY ONE RMA system that brings component-level visibility and traceability, ensuring your global business after-sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

New Features in DUGAA RMAONE®

How Big Data and AI can help with the after-sales RMA process?

At DUGAA, we use our proprietary big-data and AI technologies to process massive amounts of data from Manufacturing to after-sales Repair data. Unlike traditional enterprise software which provides 2D row-column visibility, in DUGAA systems, we generate multi-dimension data relations, uncovering hidden insights, patterns, and analyses that are not possible to be done manually or by simple algorithms.

With our advanced technologies, we give manufacturers incredible product details and relations up to the component level for their after-sales repair management. So when the returns happen after X years of products are sold, or when you need to dig out the RMA history that happened X years ago, or when you want to look into 1 component with all its related finishing goods, RMAONE got you covered.

Incoming data quality check

Data is time-proof for your enterprise. For after-sales services to be effective, you should fix the production-related data as soon as possible, rather than 12 months later.

Without accurate production data, repair or warranty services may have disputes. We have made the data quality check report with greater details to help you fix the errors that you cannot spot in your ERP or MES system.

Design stages of your RMA workflow

Every stage of the RMA workflow comes with sophisticated engines. This is to ensure that you do not have to worry about the complexity of function development and advanced data structure; so your global staff can focus on dealing with repair details and provide your clients with clear repair analysis.

Now, we go a few steps further. Backed with complete functions in every stage, you can design the flow of stages for every RMA workflow to suit your business process.

Sales representative role with client management

We have introduced the new role (Sales) in the RMAONE Admin system so that sales can check the RMA progress and liaise with clients regarding the quotations or payments for the clients that belong to them.

Rework record keeping

Rework often happens when manufacturers deal with B2B customers. The records of component serial numbers are hard to maintain when reworks are carried out. With RMAONE, we help you log the records of the serial events from manufacturing data, rework data, and repair data. Not just the event title, but all the key component serial numbers that are associated with every device.

Component level Traceability

The challenge of after-sales RMA is that it may happen in 3 months or after 3 years the products are sold. Inevitably, the staff may have job rotations, that’s why having a systematic approach is crucial for every global manufacturer.

We have enhanced the Traceability function in the RMAONE system. The visualization of the relations between the master device and the components, the components’ journey, and so on, makes your job of product-component traceability even faster and easier.

RMAONE® : Advanced Features

Branch and repair site

Set up your global organization charts with branches and repair sites. Whether you have your own repair sites or third-party repair sites, RMAONE helps you to have clear visibility of their operations and repair progress.

Upcoming Add-on system features

Return-to-Vendor management

Manage the components that are still under the warranty of your vendor.

Task management

Helping RMA admin users to manage RMA-related tasks for themselves or collaborations with teams across branches.

End-user RMA

Helping manufacturers to deal with once-a-while occasions - the RMA that comes from end-user customers.