DUGAA Orion is our patented technology designed to address real-world problems related to multi-*.
Modern enterprise solutions need to run in multi-data center, multi-country, multi-language, multi-branch, multi-timezone and multi-currency.

Multi-* is not a plugin or add-on to be added after products are built,
DUGAA Orion is a genetic code built into the DNA of our products that will determine how they grow and behave.

DUGAA Multi Data Center
Multi Data Center

Orion Multi Data Center is our stack of technologies which are essential to achieving Low-latency, High-availability, Load balancing, and IoT edge analysis.

DUGAA Orion Multi Data Center remove many complications in deployment and managing multi data center solutions. Our patented technology can significantly reduce cloud charges thanks to high-performance codes and sophisticated algorithms.

DUGAA Multi Branch
Multi Branch

For global enterprises, branch operations can be very critical. Traditionally HQ assigned the targets for their branch offices and waited for a monthly or quarterly report generated by a human.

With our Multi Branch feature in our systems, the headquarters can monitor branch performance in real-time. HQ can create branch administrators and assign various privileges to the branch based on their region or country.

Multi Language

When managing thousands of articles, FAQs, product information and product specifications in dozens of languages, you need DUGAA Orion to track content quality and consistency across all languages.

  • Visually see the quality of content and spot any out of sync or missing translation.
  • Team members from all over the world are able to collaborate on content creation and content translation.
  • Managers can track changes and monitor content as they are created or modified, and finally, they can approve or request modifications on any content before being published.

With DUGAA Orion visual feedback, anyone can spot empty or out of sync content at a glance.

Multi Country

DUGAA Orion Multi Country is created to build a solution to manage everything globally without compromising the local flexibility. Our design philosophy is to create "Decentralized Consistency".

At DUGAA, we build our solution to be interconnected - the data is flowing in real-time. This brings new advantages to the enterprises who have global operations.

Traditionally, installing or cloning the entire solution one more time for another country or region was the only option, although this approach worked so far, it will not last very long.

With DUGAA Multi Country, global enterprises can have full control and full visibility for their operations worldwide in real-time.

Multi Timezone

Dealing with global operations in a centralized system, Multi Timezone is essential to regional administrators and client users.

Orion Multi Timezone is the key factor in sending notifications, reminders, time stamping documents, processing log files, calculating TAT (Turn Around Time), calculating SLA and calculating response time.

Multi Currency

USD is the core currency in DUGAA systems. However, when enterprises expand their operations globally, inevitably certain operations need to be done based on local currency.

Multi currency has its own challenges and it's not just displaying different currency symbol. For manufacturers, the real world challenges are even greater.

Orion Multi Currency has seamless integration from repair material cost to client quotation approval.

Evolution in enterprise software

As technology progresses, we have seen 3 phases of evolution in enterprise software:

1. Centralized Consistency: Age of PC-Only enterprise solutions; For example ERP, MES or similar systems.

2. Decentralized Inconsistency: Age of PC-First enterprise solutions. In a company, having multiple ERP and MES systems around the world, trying to create a full picture by connecting isolated systems with various APIs.

3. Decentralized Consistency: Age of Cloud-First enterprise solutions. All data is interconnected while it is scattered across multiple data centers. The data is consistent, accessible and fault tolerant.

At DUGAA our product line is built based on the 3rd phase of enterprise software evolution. Furthermore, our systems are utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning to be fully aware of all data regardless of its storage location. This marks the beginning of semi-autonomous workflow for enterprises.

Drive your business innovation FAST with DUGAA systems

Today, a typical enterprise solution may take months to roll-out.
Staff are required to follow a steep learning curve and in addition,
your company may require third-party consultants to utilize the system.

With the use of DUGAA Orion,
rolling out enterprise-grade solutions across the globe can be achieved within days
and staff training normally takes just a few hours.