Next Generation Enterprise Solutions

At DUGAA, our applications are built with various stack of technologies and distributed with a dozen of containers and micro services across multiple servers for each client. We use top tiers of cloud resources and provide scalable solutions to our customers.

AWS Joint Innovation Center

AWS Joint Innovation Center (JIC) is founded by Amazon Web Services and the Taiwan MOEA Small and Medium Enterprise Administration. Applicants are strictly assessed and interviewed. Selected companies are deemed to have profound expertise and experience in cloud technologies. DUGAA was selected by AWS JIC and we aim to provide our cloud solutions to benefit global manufacturers.

Starting point is Enterprise

At DUGAA we are solving domain specific problems by utilizing Big-Data, Distributed Systems, Real-Time Processing and Machine Learning.

Our products are enabling enterprises to reach new heights, previously unimaginable because of technological limitations.

DUGAA solutions are built with modern enterprise requirements in mind.

With the best price-to-performance ratio, DUGAA is the leading choice for businesses worldwide.

Data-Driven Structure

Big Data, Machine Learning, Realtime, Distributed systems
Data-driven data structure and architecture is core principle in our product design.

Data in DUGAA systems is meaningful. With the correct data structure, we are able to make sure the data consistency, data availability and handle the complexity of the data. These are the key factors that we can transform your business to achieve Big-Data ready.

Modern Enterprise
The future of business success heavily replies on data - The way data is generated, captured and processed. Most of the data should be in realtime and integrated with AI, IoT and 5G.

DUGAA solutions are solving some of the most complex enterprise problems in an elegant approach and the systems are easy to use and learn.

Single Tenant SaaS

Utilising the latest cloud native technologies, DUGAA solutions are composed of many micro services and distributed across multiple servers or containers.

We allocate dedicated resources to every of our client (Single tenant SaaS) rather than mixing with hundreds of clients (Multi tenant SaaS). The single tenant SaaS approach allows our customers to have scalable solutions that fit their needs.

High Performance

DUGAA applications are built to achieve high performance and low latency. Every code goes to the system is carefully designed. The performance is the key to make the big-data driven applications usable in real-world.