Our consultancy service is limited to existing clients and clients who are in the process of deploying DUGAA systems.

The domain of our consultancy is mostly within the workflow, data-quality, and data accuracy.

There is a known fact that most ERP and MES systems are not flexible, have poor data-quality and low data-accuracy. Our consultancy is not about how you should use your ERP, MES systems; it is about your data and how your data is imported into DUGAA systems. The frequency of imports, the size of imports, the estimated size of data and the rate of access are critical topics to be investigated appropriately when dealing with big-data projects.

Customer Support

Our customer support has no gold and platinum subscription level. We believe all clients are equal and access to prompt support is every customer’s right.

We provide free customer support through phone, email, DUGAA support portal and embedded support.

Technical Support SLA
If your enterprise requires SLA based on a specific factor including the number of minutes for response time, we are happy to discuss.

Data Migration

We can help your company to migrate the initial data. For the data migration to happen successfully there are two situations for you to consider.

The first situation is where your IT team can provide the data in required CSV or JSON format. Typically, we are referring to millions of records.

The second situation is where the data requires additional processing or data wrangling. We can help you to create a specific data wrangling process to validate and import data.