Trace Entire Product and Repair History

for any device and machine
up to sub-component level

DUGAA Tracer

DUGAA Tracer is created based on the success of RMAONE. RMAONE not only revolutionized the RMA process but also created new use-case scenarios in enterprises. Employees from around the world and from different departments were using RMAONE to get product insight even though their work was not related to the RMA process. They all had one thing in common and that was the need for accessing real-time product information, easily and securely.

What they truly needed was the next generation of product traceability software. This was the beginning of DUGAA Tracer.

Tracer uses IoT integration, big-data, cloud technologies, and machine learning to process the flow of product data. Tracer capture, process and analyze the data and finally, it will distribute the information to the end-points, APIs and users.

Supply chain traceability

Traditionally, product traceability was limited to food, retail and product recall. The size of data was small and data structure was simple.

DUGAA Tracer is the next generation of supply chain traceability software, enabling manufacturers to know more about their products at any stage of product life cycle. DUGAA Tracer is built with IoT integration and big-data at its core. By using machine learning, your enterprise may be able to predict and prevent product recalls or problem outbreaks.

The differences with traditional systems

TRACER features

  • Work in real time, millisecond latency.
  • Aware of every single product to the sub-component level.
  • Calculate warranty information and load repair history.
  • It can be accessed by millions of endpoints globally (every branch, repair center, dealer).
  • Each endpoint/endpoint group has its permissions and access-level.
  • Process IoT data stream of millions of products.

"You cannot step into the same river twice" Heraclitus
When a product sold, its status is constantly changing.
DUGAA Tracer is the system that can hold and process all product information from all over the world.
With the emergence of IoT, products are getting smarter and generating more data than ever before.
We believe no two products are the same.

Tracer imports static and dynamic data from multiple systems. For instance, ERP, MES, DUGAA RMAONE, and IoT edge servers.
The data goes through multiple processes and analysis.

Low Latency and Real-Time

Some data have a short life span and are valuable only seconds after the data is generated. So emailing colleague and waiting for spreadsheet report to be exported and emailed back to you isn't going to be a viable solution.

With Tracer, you will have low-latency to real-time feedback.

Semi-Autonomous Workflow

Tracer is built to provide real-time and low latency information. However, human response time can be considered too slow. Furthermore, some processes require 24/7 continuous attention.

Tracer is aware of many business processes and provides tools that enable you to configure new rules and processes. These rules will be executed on intervals or they can be triggered based on conditions and events.

Machine Learning

Tracer is equipped with machine learning. This is essential to establish patterns and behaviors over large datasets. Tracer can provide recommendations and predictions in specific domains.