TURE Multi-language system

Enterprise-grade system with patented technologies, made for global manufacturers.
Manage thousands of products in multi-language in a glance.
Zone permission for collaboration between departments.

Patented technology in managing content in multiple languages
Data-driven system like no other
Built for global manufacturers

STARNET Multi-language system is built from the scratch to fit the needs of global manufacturers from 100% custom UI to server side codes. No plugins, no frameworks and no bloatware. Every line of code is written to achieve high standards of functionalities and performance.

Best practice for SEO

Using DUGAA Page Elements system, DUGAA code editor and DUGAA content rendering engine, our system do the hard work so that every page in your site will have the cleanest HTML code that search engines love.

Essential Page Elements for Modern Business
Content SEO score

Content entry is based on top SEO principles. STARNET will visually help you with color coded feedback so you know where to improve your content to maximize SEO scores.

DUGAA Page Elements

With DUGAA Page Elements, content will be traceable across languages or countries to achieve content consistency and accuracy worldwide.

Build the Blocks

You can build up every page by simply creating blocks. The blocks can be turn ON/OFF in 1 click, while you are reviewing the content or updating the design.

Drag and Drop

After you build up the blocks or the Cell, to reposition the design, it can be done by simply drag and drop a block or a cell. No coding involved.

Hundreds of varieties

Using Page Elements, you can create hundreds of types of design varieties. From Text and Images, video grids, Youtube Videos, GIF animations, SVG vector icons, external content and more, combining with several types of pre-built buttons, the possibilities are limitless.

Collaboration with colleagues

Every department can contribute to the content. Designers and content writer can work independently or work together, staff from different countries can translate and enter the content.

Zone permission and access control

With Zone permission and Access Level Control, every staff can be assigned to work on their day-to-day job. The panel only display the areas they need to work on, increase their productivity and minimize the learning curve.

Direct Preview Link

With Direct Preview function, you can share your design or content with your colleagues and get feedback about the page before going live.

Integration with other DUGAA Systems
Data Resources System

Specifically designed for manufacturers whose products have tons of specifications and ordering information and the requirements for product selection filter, product compare functions, integrating with DUGAA Data Resources System helps you to manage 1000's of product data in multi-language easily.

Document Generator

By integrating with Document Generator System, creating product data sheets in multi-language can be done 100% autonomously with 1 click to publish. There will be no need to email spreadsheet to communicate between departments.

The data sheets will be generated, md5 and SHA1 will be created and uploaded to the cloud and at the same time update among all sites with right URL.