DUGAA DRS - Data Resources System

DUGAA® DRS is designed to be the single source of all product information in your company. DRS takes care of numeric data, specifications, order information, download links, download versions, diagram, dimension illustration and other product data associated with every single device.


Today in a typical enterprise, the valuable product information is floating between departments and it is modified or styled to be used for website, product comparisons, product specifications, product catalogue prints and so on.

The data is constantly back and forth between Excel documents, Word documents, emails, photoshop, HTML, etc which makes it unmanageable and it is prone to human error.

That is only the product information which was captured. There is much more in product information which unfortunately many enterprises despite heavy cost of ERP and MES systems do not have a clear visibility through this data. In addition, processing this data and turning it into useful information can be near impossible. Huge amounts of data will be ignored or it is left untouched.

In order to take a leap forward, you have to take a step backward

Instead of running around, patching and fixing data in various formats, why not tackle this problem from the root?
With DRS, you will have a central point to organize all your product data in the right format. Moreover, the data can be exported in various formats. Through DUGAA API, data in the DRS system can be streamed into any of your system for further usage.

With DRS your departments can benefit as follows

  1. Sales and marketing staff can rely on up-to-date and fresh data available any time in their desired format.
  2. Product managers can input or edit the product data in real-time.
  3. Graphic designers can load thousands of product specifications directly into their product catalogue design without copying and pasting data one by one. The job that could have taken months to finish, now with DRS, it can be done in matter of minutes and even with higher accuracy.
  4. Accurate product specifications, product comparison, order information and so on.
  5. DRS is secure and it is built with enterprise work environment in mind, therefore you can decide where the data needs to be shared to improve teamwork and where the access should be restricted.