DUGAA Datasheet Automator

DUGAA Datasheet Automator revolutionize the way of generating PDF datasheet.

With Datasheet Automator, making PDF product datasheets including product specifications, features, ordering information, accessories list, product gallery, product diagrams and so on can be generated automatically.

Datasheet Automator sets a new milestone in autonomous work environment.

Stop chasing between departments

Traditionally, creating a datasheet or product catalogue for large companies with hundreds of products could take thousands of man-hour. Creating a data-sheet by copy and pasting data from Excel into publishing software is a time consuming process and requires attentions and many proof reading.

The story does not end here. Despite all the precautions, human errors are inevitable. Once the datasheet is finished, couple of days later, the product manager come and need to correct a few mistakes in the product specification table. This means the designer needs to update the datasheet and run many routine tasks all over again.

Datasheet Automator - 1 Click to generate PDF Datasheet
  • Create single-language datasheet
  • Create multi-language datasheet
  • Automatic file naming
  • Automatic document ID
  • Automatic upload to AWS S3
  • Automatic update new URL
  • Automatic remove old file

Generator will save thousands of man hour, and take your company documents, productivity and accuracy to a whole new level which could not be done by human.