Subcomponent awareness

DUGAA products are aware of all sub-components in your device

DUGAA products are aware of every sub-component in any device. Any interaction with the device or its sub-components can be registered and processed.

All products are unique. ™

At DUGAA we utilize big-data technologies to empower manufactures and enterprises with the level of accuracy which is never seen before.

We believe, if one thinks two products are the same is where pieces of information not being processed.

Data about product sub-components can be essential for providing better customer support, accurate repair and ultimately creating a better product.

How it works?

1. Data Creation Stage

Product and sub-component information can be captured through your current systems such as ERP and MES systems. In our deployment typically data will pass through DUGAA Limbo, in the limbo system the quality of data be checked and server logical validations will be performed, if all data is good then it will be important to the main system.

2. Data Change Stage

Once the data is imported it will constantly be updated. We try to create a complete picture for every item and every sub-component by assembling pieces of incoming information. At this stage the information will flow from IoT, Installed Base Data, return process and repair process RMAONE.

3. Usage

The data is available through DUGAA API and sophisticated access control system when and where is required in your enterprise.
Our big data system is built using DUGAA Reflex, this means the information generated from our system is available in low-latency.

This detailed awareness can transform your current systems such as, product registration, warranty calculations, field service, product repair, product analysis, spare part management, supplier evaluation, product life cycle management, load measurement, decisions support systems and you may also be able to predict and prevent product recalls.