RMA/DOA management

DUGAA RMAONE helps companies to handle their RMA/DOA details.

DUGAA RMAONE helps companies to deal with their global RMA/DOA management.

RMAONE and DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Traditionally RMA and DOA were treated as two separate things, this was the age of spreadsheets. With RMAONE dealing with DOA is just part of many situations that a product can have during the inspection stage.
To determine if the product is DOA or not, it is the verdict of the inspection stage not remote technical support. Simply claiming the device is not working is not enough to categorize it as DOA.

True vs False DOA

In DUGAA RMAONE clients can submit multiple RMA products at once, each product has failure code and detailed description. When the product arrives at your RMA center, the inspection stage will begin where customers fault description will be evaluated, maybe the customer simply forgot to flip the manual 0/1 switch at the back of the device. No matter if the customer claim as DOA is right or wrong the inspection stage will verify the true fault reason and fault location, using identifiable and predefined code.

If the result of the inspection stage conclude the device is a true DOA then based on your workflow you can continue the DOA process. For example, by using DUGAA Split RMA feature you can partially ship out RMA.
Split RMA allows you to have a fast response to DOA devices and send the replacement device or use financial credit, while the rest of RMA continues the normal workflow and goes through the repair process.

Field Service and DOA

If the field engineer determines DOA, you can immediately submit and authorize RMA and start your DOA procedure based on your SLA or any other agreements.