Responsive design

RMAONE comes with responsive interface for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

RMAONE can be accessed with desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Your clients can easily work on their RMA submission in the warehouse.

Responsive Design

All DUGAA products are build with the responsive design at it's core. We use our own "internally developed" responsive framework, which allows us to create pixel perfect UI with minimum to no dependency. The result is fast loading pages in any device.

Responsive design helps administrators and clients to use tablet or mobile devices to perform their daily task.

Our browser-based applications also utilizes device specific functionalities to empower mobile/tablet users.

Advance mobile and tablet functions

These features may vary depending on the type and version of DUGAA products you are using.

Progressive Web App (PWA), just add the URL to your home-screen (iOS, Android) and it will look and work like a mobile app.

Direct camera capture, optimize images (Image orientation, Resolution, dimensions) and upload directly to cloud object storage services, without having to store the images on your local device. Please check Direct Camera Capture module for more details.

Scanner mode to detect scanner input and load data without user interaction.

Push notifications, receive push notifications and see the badge on the home-screen icon.

Long lasting authentications, you can choose to be always logged in, when using mobile devices.

IE11 Support

As of 2019, we no longer support IE11 browser. Internet explorer has major security flaws and does not support many web standards. Historically DUGAA product line supported IE7 and IE8, however this is no longer the case. Our aim is to focus forward where the technology is heading and create awesome products for the forward thinking customers.

6 technical reasons, why we no longer support Internet Explorer in 2019

  1. Security flaws and ongoing vulnerability issues with IE.
  2. Lack of support for many web standards (W3C) which is already in place in other browsers.
  3. IE does not support modern CSS and JavaScript properties, therefore any modern production has to rely on third party dependencies to detect, compile and polyfill the incompatibles. This means punishing all other users in order to deliver a secondhand experience to a group of users which deliberately decided to use IE. Creating fallbacks and patching for IE will definitely slow down any development process.
  4. IE does not support WebAssembly or "wasm". We are building powerful features to bring high performance (binary instructions) desktop-like functionalities to our product range.
  5. IE does not support Service-Workers. Service-workers are essential to our product line to deliver features that don't need a web page or user interaction. Features like push notifications and background sync.
  6. IE has partial support and unpredictable behavior for IndexedDB. IndexedDB is essential where temporary data need to be processed locally before permanently being transferred to our servers. For example in our Data-Wrangling tools.