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Page Elements

DUGAA Page Elements are pre-defined elements (Slide show, banner, video gallery, interactive charts, video banners and much more) which you simply drag and drop to build the page layout then upload your content and artwork into it. Page Elements will bring cross-platform, Advanced Responsive Design standards, and advanced SEO optimized features to boost user experience.


  • Drag and drop Page Elements and start uploading your content and images.
  • Change the position of elements and change your page layout simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Track content at a glance over multi-language or multi-country DUGAA Enterprise Website System to make sure your content is consistent across multiple websites.
  • Independent view of textual content for website copywriters and translators to spot if any product or article is missing translation or text content is insufficient.
  • Independent view for graphic designers to spot if any product or article is missing graphical elements.