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Multi-Data CenterMulti-Data Center

Multi-Data Center

In the area of Cloud, we take one step further and build applications which can run from multiple data centers. This advanced feature is the result of DUGAA ORION technology which utilizes numbers of technologies to bring the ultimate performance for high traffic websites.

  • Multi-datacenter is recommended when you have high-traffic from different parts of the world.
  • Multi-datacenter is suitable for enterprises who require High Availability and Low Latency.
  • Multi-datacenter is used for global load balancing without compromising latency.
  • Multi-datacenter is not caching or proxy. When there are too many frequent micro changes to the data from different servers then caching will cause problem by serving outdated data.
  • With DUGAA Multi-datacenter you can increase DDOS resiliency.
  • Multi-datacenter is not CDN or content delivery. CDN loads static website content like images, CSS, JS files.