MES and ERP integration

RMAONE can integrate with your ERP or MES data directly plus checking your data quality

Product information from ERP or MES system, such as manufacture date, serial numbers, MAC address, component lists, date of sale and more, all can be synched and integrated.

ERP/MES Integration

There two areas to be clarified first thing when it comes to third party integration.

  1. We do not install third party SDK's / scripts into our products.
  2. We do not write to your ERP / MES system.

Having clarified the above, we can explain how to integrate third party systems with DUGAA system.

Here are various ways you can integrate third party applications with DUGAA Systems

  1. DUGAA API, most efficient and reliable way to sync data in and out.
  2. Automated FTP tools, mostly used for batch imports or large amount of data.
  3. POST/GET method, to import or export small of amount of data on intervals or triggered by events.
  4. Object storage, this method is used for exporting large amount of data.
  5. Batch upload/download, You can import and export data in CSV or JSON format

You can find more information about each method in the "Related Modules" section below.

Process of integration

In order to fully benefit from automated data sync, you need to have in-house developers or third party specialists to be able to complete this bridge. Third party integration sometimes is not limited to having technical experts in hand you need to have business advisers to advise you about licensing or other complications related to third party vendor.

We will provide detailed documentation about the integration and we are standby to help your developers in case of any difficulty. What we can help is within the domain of DUGAA products, we cannot offer advise about how you should use or configure third party solutions.