Logs system

Logs system record the login and the action of the users

RMAONE records the system login history and admin action history. Logs can be exported and kept for your own reference.

Standard Action Logs

Log users login and action information, including the CSV file uploaded and reports.

Advanced Action Logs

Takes the system logging to the next level. Provide new type of metrics, charts and clear human readable reports. An elegant tool to visualize your employees Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

DUGAA advanced logging module, provides real-time meaningful feedback from system interactions over various protocols including http and https. Advanced Action Logging module generates 3 level of reporting.

Power by DUGAA Reflex 3 technology

Capturing logs from high traffic and multi-datacenter web application is a challenging area in terms of storage and real-time processing. This is an area that DUGAA REFLEX 3 stands out.

Raw Data

Text based raw data. This data can be exported as CSV, XML, JSON, SQL for further enterprise analysis. DUGAA Advanced Action Logs can connected to many standard third party APIs. the captured fields are flexible and the data is rich.

Visual Reports

This level of reporting is packed with standard charts and tools to assess KPI and evaluate various metrics. Providing visual feedback and summarizing activities.

Smart Analysis

Analysis based on predefined algorithms. The next generation of logging and reporting. 
This level of reporting combined with unconventional visual feedbacks can cut a long story short.