LIMBO system

LIMBO system in RMAONE checks accuracy and quality of incoming data

LIMBO system inside RMAONE improves incoming data quality coming into the RMAONE. LIMBO cross check and verify the data, preventing duplicate data entering into the main system.


LIMBO is one of the key modules that improves the data quality. Our experience shows that data generated by other systems like MES or ERP systems although sounds sophisticated but it sometimes lacks of accuracy and even structure. All data good or bad, will pass through DUGAA LIMBO for judgment. There are many automated tools inside LIMBO that will verify the data structure and data quality. These tools will allow the good data to enter the system and the bad data to be held for correction.

DUGAA LIMBO will generate reports for administrators to make the final judgment for the problematic data.

LIMBO Atomic Operations

DUGAA LIMBO has some atomic operations that prior to Reflex 3 it was impossible to perform. One key example is to find a duplicated record in an unstructured environment when the value of the record can be duplicated in any unknown field. Given thousands of incoming data that needs to be checked against hundreds of millions of unstructured records, the scale of queries was gigantic. This improvement was addressed in DUGAA Reflex 3 and now our new and improved duplicated checker inside LIMBO is so fast that is almost magical.

Data modification at LIMBO Stage

This is an optional function in LIMBO depending on your workflow.

1. Update mode: to update additional fields like Date of Sale.

2. Purge mode: to dismantle a product in order to have the parts to be used in other products.

3. Edit mode: add or remove parts to an existing product.