Global clients

Your global clients can securely submit RMA with RMAONE's smart workflow design

RMAONE helps the company to organize and process RMA internally as well as provides an interface for their worldwide clients to submit, approve quote and track their RMA.

Cloud-First applications and better client interactions

At DUGAA our products are built based on cloud-first philosophy. This will enable enterprises to communicate efficiently with their employees as well as their clients any where in the world.

Your clients from all over the world may need to access product information related to them, traditionally this involved email, fax and sending spreadsheets around. Today with DUGAA products all your clients are able to access the bits and pieces of information in real-time.

RMAONE Global Clients

RMAONE has a dedicated system for global clients. These are core client features, which comes with RMAONE out of the box.

  • Authentication and access control
  • Create Sandbox (For more details about how RMAONE Sandbox please check the related modules.)
  • Access the client scanner, load warranty and other related information which is permitted by admin.
  • Submit RMA
  • View RMA progress and receive notifications accordingly.
  • Accept and reject quotations at item level
  • View Archived RMA

You can create company accounts and within that company you are able to add multiple users. Each user within the company can have different privileges, for example one user may view the entire company RMA (from Sandbox, in progress to archived), while other users may only view their own sandboxes and submitted RMA. This will help real-world situations when client company have staff rotation, with DUGAA RMAONE the system will allow the new staff to continue the work, while protecting security credentials and separating logs. In an enterprise environment this is essential to pinpoint any problem related to human error or misconduct during submission, packaging, shipping and receiving process.

Soft-limits vs per user licensing

One of the major issues that prevent enterprises to open their systems for their clients (besides technical issues) is the licensing cost per user.

When using PC-first enterprise applications, adding new users not only increases the licensing fee but the cost of servers and resources grows exponentially. These application where never intended to be used by many users over the internet from different parts of world. That's why the licensing system works as brake to slow down or prevent enterprises from opening up their application to world wide users.

At DUGAA, we offer soft limits for the number of clients world wide. These limits are set generously and it is directly related to the product and resources that we allocate for your project. The soft limit should be enough for any enterprise to expand their business over the years.

The reason we call it "Soft Limits" is because it can be increased. If you ever reach your limits or you are forecasting to reach your limits we can evaluate and increase the soft limits.

At DUGAA we have proven track record and already our clients have benefited from have large number of users accessing their system from all over the world.

We build our applications ground up, with cloud-first architecture and interconnectivity in mind. This is different from stretching a desktop application to accommodate a few extra clients over the internet.

Whether you have 10 or 10 million clients, DUGAA products can take your interaction with your clients to the entirely new levels.

Access Control & logs

You can define the amount of information and the level of access to the information, for every client-company, client-staff or group of clients.

You can define the frequency of access and fields of data that can be accessed by clients.

Logs in admin panel will provide information about client access, which you can view, export and analyse.