FTP integration

FTP integration makes data import to RMAONE easy

Embedded in the applications to perform FTP tasks automatically without human interaction. DUGAA FTP integration is smart and aware of the data quality based on smart patterns.

FTP Tools

DUGAA FTP tools can be considered as a simple way to import large amount of automatically generated data into DUGAA systems.

Your ERP, MES systems can export data periodically into a FTP server where DUGAA FTP tools will download and import them accordingly.

DUGAA FTP tools are made to handle automatic and regular data inputs from FTP sources. FTP tools are not standalone and are embedded within the solution. Each FTP tool will perform a chain of preset tasks which are related to data import from FTP.

  • Import JSON, CSV or XML file formats, in to the system.
  • Perform various data validation on download
  • Skip previously downloaded files
  • Check for new files on regular intervals
  • Import data to Limbo System to perform further checks or corrections.
  • Batch processing of multiple files at once.
  • Detail logs about each interaction with FTP server.