Email notifications

Email Notifications, Multi-SMTP, Event listeners, custom routing

Email notification has default SMTP and pre-defined rules, however, it can provide the administrators with the tools to configure single or multiple SMTP(s), decide what events will trigger email notification, and who should receive the notifications.

Single SMTP and Multi-SMTP

DUGAA systems come with a default SMTP to make the system up and running out of the box. To improve deliverability and send a large number of emails, clients need to provide their SMTP.
Sending an email out is simple, but making sure the email is received accordingly by the recipient is an ongoing battle. We have provided detailed instructions in the admin panel of how to configure and set up various SMTP and DNS setting to improve the deliverability rate.

We support multi-SMTP which you can share the load between multiple SMTP or use them in a failover situation.

In SMTP advanced features, we have extended the SMTP functionalities, and now you can create task groups and allocate a specific SMTP to one particular group of tasks. The system has auto geo function to detect target user Geo IP and choose the nearest SMTP server to send the notification.

Event triggers, schedules, and conditions

  • Send Email Notification when an event is triggered. For example when RMA stage is changed.
  • Send Email Notification based on time intervals or schedules. For example, send morning notifications of all new RMA waiting to be authorized.
  • Send Email Notification based on conditions. For example, if TAT (Turn around time) of RMA has been exceeded.

Custom Routing

Custom routing will determine the recipient(s) of the email notification. This can be a single email address, multiple emails, BCC email, and auto-calculated email address.

Email Debugging Tools

You can send test emails to clarify any problems with your SMTP provider, DNS provider, routing and any other issue.

Security and privacy compliance

The content of Email notifications

The content of notifications is accurate pieces of information which is enough for the recipient(s) to be informed and take actions.
The content of auto email notification will reach endpoints which may or may not be secure. Therefore we will not include sensitive information in these emails.

To improve deliverability and prevent leakage of information, we keep the content of the email notifications as short as possible.
After all, as the title implies it is Email Notification not Email Report.