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An elegant and simple markup language which styles content based on the structure.

Common Approaches

Generally, any CMS(Content Management System) can accept HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but this is against our design philosophy. Why, because it creates design anarchy and waste huge amounts of time and resources to create each page by HTML, JavaScript and CSS. In addition, it is very likely to have compatibility issues and bugs. Worse practices in coding can be found all over the web and there are tones of inline-styling and hundreds of lines of loose Javascript code scattered all over the site, and moreover, the site is loading tens of external CSS and JavaScript files.


Years of development went into creating our own markup language. We create an elegant solution and that is DUGAA Code. DUGAA Code is a markup language which styles content based on the structure.

We created DUGAA Code - a simple and clean markup language. By using DUGAA Code, the emphasis will be on the structure of data rather than the look of the data.

There is a few desktop publishing app in the market today that are designed for professional book authors. These apps are using the same concept as DUGAA Code. Book authors can focus on the structure of their content rather than performing distracting tasks like changing font-color or font-family.

The challenges that DUGAA Code has to face was much greater than a simple desktop publishing app. We had to cater for browser and device compatibility also allow interactive contents to be created using DUGAA Code.

This is unlike any other WYSIWYG editors which only cares about the looks and the “anyone can do anything” mentality. Managing thousands of products, news, and articles across 33 countries or 99 languages using WYSIWYG is just a path to inconsistency.

When populating DUGAA Code, the system can generate all necessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript associated also consider the browser and device compatibility.

Learning DUGAA Code is fast. If you know HTML probably just in 10 minutes, you will be up and running with DUGAA Code. If you don’t know anything about HTML then you can use the helpers inside DUGAA Code to construct your content and eventually within a few hours of using the system, DUGAA Code will become the second nature to you.


  • Easy to learn.
  • DUGAA Code generates necessary and appropriate HTML, JavaScript and CSS to display your content.
  • DUGAA Code is super clean. It has code/text ratio of less than 5%. While the same code using any other markup languages would have code/text ratio of 60%. Even by using front-end frameworks the code/text ratio would be 30% to 50%.
  • The design will be consistent with corporate brand design.
  • The data will be live in the database for advanced queries.
  • The style and interaction with the data in UI (User Interface) will be cross-platform, cross-browser, cross-device and follow the best practices of RWD (Responsive Web Design).