Data Resources System

DUGAA Data Resources System

DUGAA Data Resources System connects all product information needed to create a product data sheet automatically. Data is structured and centralized and can be used as a data hub.

DUGAA Resource System (DRS)

DRS is designed to be the original source of all product information in your enterprise. DRS level of detail is at product model level and by design DRS is not aware of products at individual PIN or serial number. When it comes to storing product information, DRS has more traditional approach and works like typical software that holds product information.

DRS takes care of numeric data, specifications, download links, download versions, order-information, product sub-models or product variations, repair data, manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) and other manufacturing data associated with products.

Why we made DRS?

We built DRS because in many enterprises the product data was scattered over multiple systems, data had bad/no structure, no/weak access control to data, the data contained too many errors. To make matters worse any modification to data structure or format might have required additional third party licensing, third party consultants or 100's of hours of manual work.

  • Import data through DUGAA API connecting to ERP, MES systems, and admin can insert data manually or import batch files.
  • Check data quality and structure on import
  • DRS has builtin data wrangling tools which helps you to import data with right format and structure.
  • DRS connects to powerful DUGAA API's which make the data available where and when it is required. With DRS you can export data in JSON and CSV formats and create custom exports.
  • Perform product comparison, product filters or group products by specification
  • DRS has builtin access control and user management that determines the access level and access method to data. Administrators can fine-tune access by system-zones and departments.

In order to take a leap forward, you have to take a step backward.

Instead of running around, patching and fixing data in various formats why not tackle this problem from the root?

With DRS you will have a central point to organize all your product data with the right format. DRS data can be available in various formats and API's.