Direct capture and attach pictures

Direct capture images from mobile camera and attach them to exact RMA item automatically, without occupying mobile storage.

Client can take pictures directly from mobile or tablet camera right inside the internet browser. RMAONE will attach it to the exact RMA item. It will not even occupy user's device storage space.

RMAONE File Attachment with Direct Camera Capture function changes the way that RMA attachments works forever.

Traditionally each RMA could have a file attached from client and a file from admin. This functionality is preserved in the new DUGAA RMAONE.

Experience shows taking photos and planning to upload them at later stage is time-consuming and also prone to human errors, especially when all the products looks the same because they have the same model number.

That's why DUGAA developed File Attachment with Direct Camera Capture.

Direct Camera Capture

With Direct Camera Capture function, while using RMAONE system with any internet browser, users can take pictures from mobile or tablet camera right inside the internet browser.

Pictures will also be optimized and attached to the exact RMA item automatically.

Improve workflow and save time

Users do not have to leave or switch the application to capture and attach the image files.

Taking a picture directly from camera and automatically attach it to a RMA item will save time from saving and re-uploading an image.

Capture without occupy device storage

Pictures will be saved directly in RMAONE system without occupying user's device storage space.

Admin backups

Depending on the solution, DUGAA RMAONE can handle 100s of thousands of files per month. You can also set the life cycle of files when RMA is archived. Admin can backup files through DUGAA API or take full backup of all files.

Default number of files per item is 1.

Entire RMA life cycle in pictures

Depending on the solution and file limits, each RMA item inside DUGAA RMAONE can have an entire RMA life cycle from sandbox, repair process to archive all captured in pictures.