CSV upload RMA

CSV upload provides client an option to batch upload their RMA data

Besides using scanner to submit RMA, client can also build up their RMA list first and upload the CSV file for submission.

CSV upload in RMAONE

Clients can upload CSV when preparing RMA items. This will help clients to accelerate RMA submission by importing batch data.

One of the key advantages when uploading CSV in DUGAA systems is, our system is aware of every field and every value. After uploading CSV, the system will process the data using using DUGAA Reflex big-data technologies. It will validate, cross reference checks, complex warranty checks, the system will find repair history and RMA count. All these checks including generating a human readable report will happen in milliseconds plus your network latency.

In addition if the return item is only part / sub-component of a bigger product, the system can detect this and load information about the master item.

After you upload your CSV all data will be avaible and meaningful inside the system so clients can proceed to the next stage.

Client Insert RMA methods

RMAONE has 3 mothods for clients to prepare the RMA, and CSV upload is just one method.

  • CSV Upload
  • Scanner Mode
  • Manual Insert

CSV Logs

In enterprise environment every action needs to be logged, most important the logs need to be readable and clear to process.

Every time admin or clients uploads CSV, system will generate a complete report human readable in HTML. This report is in addition to meta-data collected and stored in the databases.