CSV upload

CSV uploads assist admin users to batch insert and update data inside RMAONE

Batch process data entry with CSV upload engine. CSV upload are allowed in client company, client address creation and product creation.

Design to speed up the importing and exporting the data to and from DUGAA systems also to detect errors and provide a set of functionalities to rectify errors.

CSV Tool

Importing data is an important feature in our system. CSV files can be fed into DUGAA systems. However, data most of the time has problems or errors. Hence, we design the CSV Tool to help you dealing with these issues.

Many of the CSV files made from Excel files are problematic. DUGAA CSV Tool is design to detect errors and provide you a set of functionalities to rectify errors.

Features in DUGAA CSV Tool include Transposition, Encoding correction, Column mapping and so on.

DUGAA CSV Tool can also verify the data using smart patterns, for example, if the model number does not exist in the database, or the date of repair is prior to the manufacturing date, the system will prompt you the notifications.

DUGAA CSV Tools are essential because you will be surprised how many small errors are in a file.