Cloud-based RMA System

Cloud-based RMA system designed for your global clients and staff

With RMAONE, your global clients and staff can access the system anywhere, anytime at their convenience to check RMA progress, pending tasks and more.

Cloud-First Architecture

At DUGAA, we prioritize cloud-first architecture because cloud has revolutionized the enterprise echo system. With the emergence of BIG DATA, IoT, Machine Learning and real-time APIs, everything is about to change in the enterprise landscape. Most likely, the areas to be influenced are isolated desktop only or desktop first solutions.

Mobile, tablet and desktop are just tools for accessing or visualizing data; as we progress toward Industry 4.0 the age of autonomous systems, there would be more emphasis on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and bulk of tasks will be done without human interface.

Inevitably the cornerstone of all systems we use in manufacturing and enterprise environment will be cloud technology.


DUGAA solutions are able to scale up in two key areas: 1. Size of data 2. Frequency of access to the data. This includes using multi data center.

Enterprise vs Enterprise+

DUGAA systems are designed in Enterprise and Enterprise+ categories. The enterprise entry point of data-size is million records and it will expand to billion records. For Enterprise+ the entry point of data-size is 10 million+ records and will stretch to a few billion records.

Soft Limits

To prevent system abuse, DUGAA systems have soft limits. Soft limits will ensure the system is used as it is intended. If any soft limit is reached, we can increase the limits after inspection. Typically these limits are set in a generous way that by normal usage of the system, the user will never get near those limits.

Soft limits will ensure the system always performs best and resources are allocated in an optimum way.


Building Cloud-First enterprise applications will bring entire levels of collaboration to the workforce which traditional application could not offer. This will improve productivity and enable teams and departments to access real-time information of the events as they unfold.

However collaboration and sharing information without a proper access control can have unpleasant consequences. That's why our Access Control System Check Related products for more information is designed based on the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP).

In addition to Access Control System, you are able to track interaction with the data through logs and reports.