Client sandbox

Build multiple RMA requests with Client Sandbox

Client can build up their RMA lists from any device, anytime. The data is saved so they can continue working on the RMA lists without worrying data lost or changing computers.

RMAONE Client Sandbox

DUGAA Client Sandbox revolutionized RMA submission process. Clients who where previously afraid to refresh the RMA submit form because they would have lost all the records, now have a dedicated zone to build RMA, at their convenience.

DUGAA sandbox provide real-time information to your clients so they know if the item has warranty or not. In addition admin can decide how much information can be revealed to client while preparing the sandbox. For example do you want your clients to know that still 60 days warranty left or just display yes/no response. Admin can also decide if client can see repair history and RMA count. All this information is available in milliseconds for every single item client is adding to their sandbox.

In RMAONE clients can have multiple sandboxes. These sandboxes will enable your B2B clients to build RMA over the time and organize their items before submitting official RMA. No more spreadsheets, no more emails back-and-forth.

To find out how admin can benefit from client sand box, please check the below modules "View Client Sandbox".

Continue building RMA over multiple devices

Clients can for example use mobile devices to walk in the warehouse, scan and insert items, take photos and directly attach to each item, then continue the work from office PC where they have keyboard and mouse to explain return cause and enter more verbose information.