Client Accept or Reject quotation

Build up repair quotation and client can review and accept or reject the quote

Client can see the details of repair quotation and accept or reject itemized quotation, helping your clients to decide how they like to deal with the repairs.

RMA client repair quotation

With DUGAA RMAONE, RMA admin can create quotation. The final quotation can be the result of Inspection stage and analysis stage. Once the quotation is ready the client will be notified accordingly to take action and approve or reject your quotation.

Itemized Quotation

Admin can create itemize quotation per item, some details include but not limited to part and labor costs.

Warranty aware

One of the advantages of using Big-data in DUGAA RMAONE is that the system is aware if every possible warranty situation at the item and it's sub-component level. The system is also aware of return count and repair history. All these information will be available for the RMA admin and he will be notified about any past issues that may influence repair quotation.

Accept and reject every RMA item

Clients can approve or reject each item in the RMA system.

Human Things

Yes your clients are human, so there may be negotiation and a few communications be required before actually client can accept a quotation.
With RMAONE you can handle client negotiations.

Delayed Quotations

In DUGAA Split-RMA, Optional feature will allow RMA items to progress to next stages while a few items are pending in the quotation stage, while this feature may benefit the workflow of some companies, others may insist that client should provide complete response before the RMA can move to the later stage. In either situation RMAONE is capable of handling.