Big Data Driven

Get query response in milliseconds with DUGAA Big Data Driven RMA system

Powered by DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology, RMAONE is a big data-driven system capable of handling and processing millions of records in the blink of an eye.

Nowadays manufacturers are able to produce complex products. Each product has sub-components and each sub-component has its own specifications and may have more than 1 suppliers.

DUGAA RMAONE utilizes Big Data and it is aware of every product (serial number), every product sub-component and all other data associated with the product at component level. This opens entirely new landscape in RMA system.

Get insightful product data

DUGAA RMAONE will enable your employees around the world to find out

  • Repair history of components
  • Costs associated with the repair
  • Who and when conducted the repairs

KPI benchmark

You will be able to manage productivity indexes such as

  • Time spent in every RMA stage
  • Total TAT in every RMA number
  • Quality of repair

Customers who use our RMAONE system, their data associated with the product increases continuously. Every time when there is a sale, a return, a repair, the data will grow bigger and bigger. In addition, the data in RMAONE with millions or billions of records needs to load fast in real-time when Admin or your client uses the system.

DUGAA RMAONE is different from other RMA systems which use traditional way of storing and querying the data. The traditional methods are not able to perform fast query, check warranty at sub-component level, handle complex warranty or complicated repair history.

If a RMA system is not implementing Big Data technology,

it should NOT be called a RMA system

it is just a utility.

Traditional RMA v.s. DUGAA Cloud RMA

Traditional RMA system. No Big Data technologies

DUGAA RMAONE. Big Data technologies

Size of data

Small or medium size

Hundreds of millions of records

Query speed

Slow. As data grows, query speeds become even slower.

Fast - in milliseconds

Product and sub-components

  • Only recognize main serial number.
  • Simple approaches for Serial Numbers

Aware of serial numbers, sub-component serial numbers, mac numbers.

Warranty check

  • Simple warranty logic.
  • Using serial number range.
  • Serial number starts with A:12 months
  • Serial number starts with B: 24 months

Complex warranty check for main product and subcomponents


  • Product GN101:Default 12 months
  • For X1 customer : 18 months
  • For X2 customer : 15 months starts
  • For X2 customer, GN101 sub-component P3532BU has 36 months extended warranty

Repair history

  • No traceability
  • Only shows repaired or not repaired status
  • Track traceability and check repair quality
  • Full repair logs
  • Full repair reports

Attachments and pictures

One attachment, one file for 1 RMA number.

1 RMA number, many products can be submitted. Client and Admin can have one attachment each.

Besides that,
Client can attach pictures to every product.
Admin can attach pictures to every product.

Messaging system

No messaging system or simple notification only.

Email and SMS notifications based on different criteria and triggers.

DUGAA RMAONE use Big Data technology to check the incoming data.

Check duplicate product data

A proper RMA system must perform duplicate check because human errors and duplicate data are inevitable. If not doing the incoming data check, eventually, RMA system will lose accuracy and all sorts of bugs will appear.

Accurate data is the first step in RMA process

Why you need to check duplicates? Customers who use our RMAONE system, their databases are growing at astonishing rate day by day. Daily growth could be of thousands of records of the incoming product data.

Common myth is that the product data is coming from ERP or MES, they should be 100% accurate. But this is not true! That's why DUGAA LIMBO system is implemented in our RMAONE to check the incoming data quality and prevent errors.

Traditional RMA system. No Big Data technologies

DUGAA RMAONE. Big Data technologies

Check duplicate product data

  • Write your own code or contact 3rd party.
  • Long execution time for query duplicate checks. Sometimes it takes hours.
  • Linear check. If field A, check field A in database.
  • Complex report generation.
  • Write another code to fix problems of incoming product data.
  • Check duplicate data with 1 button.
  • No need to write your own code or contact 3rd party.
  • Cross check the product duplicates.
  • Fast response in milliseconds.
  • Reports are generated in clear human readable format, even in multi-language.
  • A link is provided so admin can directly go to the zone and exact item to fix problems.