Admin access control

Safety mechanism for the staff using the system

Role-based access control plus detailed zone permission, helping companies assign access clearly and let staff focus on their core tasks.

DUGAA Admin Access Control

Our Access Control System is designed based of the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP).

We believe setting complex security rules which are difficult to read and maintain, eventually will create security vulnerability. Therefore at DUGAA we created a mechanism to allow admins from any background to easily create and visualized access rules.

Admin can select the base role of the user, then select the Zones and sub-zones that the user can have access to; In addition to user role and zone permissions the admin may have more Access Control features depending on their product.

Highlight of a few Optional Additional Features

  • IP restriction, Static IP, IP Subnet, Country or region
  • Allow or Disallow mobile, desktop app login
  • Restrict usage to working hours
  • Restrict usage a browser type / version

Access Control and Productivity

DUGAA Access Control helps companies to set up the safety mechanism for the staff using the system. You can set up the way you need to ensure only the people with the correct access level can enter and use the system.

  • Customize the system zones that can be accessed by each Admin user so they can only focus on their zone. This improves security, reduces human error and training time.
  • Use pre-defined Role-Based access control to apply further security for Role-Based access.

Team collaboration

Team members in the same department or from various departments even from different branches around the world can focus on their own tasks, contribute and collaborate.

Access from anywhere and from any device

Users can access the system using desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices anytime, anywhere securely and safely.

Dedicated UI by applying Zone Permissions

Create dedicated UI fro each user or user group by applying zone permissions. When the user logs in the system will only see the zones that have permission. This is a step ahead of graying out zones or waiting for user to click and then display access denied message. In addition to improving security, another key advantage of applying zone permissions are that user interface is not cluttered, therefore users can navigate faster, minimize human error and speed up learning curve.

Detail action logs

User actions are logged so that the supervisor can trace back or review every users history.
Our logs will determine what actions has taken place from whom, when and from which IP address.

Further more by applying log analysis and machine learning, admins can detect anomalies and managers can have detailed insight into their team performance.