3rd party integration

3rd party integration with DUGAA system

Use DUGAA POST API to integrate with any third party solution that accepts POST data.

Third-party integration

In addition to DUGAA API, we also have POST-API to connect DUGAA systems to third-party systems.
Third party systems are referred to Payment, Shipping, SMS, Referral programs, Tax API, CRM systems, ERP systems, Field Service systems, Workflow management systems, decision support systems (DSS), etc.

DUGAA POST API is event-driven, which means data will be posted based on predefined events. DUGAA POST API is suitable for sending a small amount of data which does not exceed a few kilobytes. These features are enough to implement sophisticated integrations with any modern third-party services.

If you wish DUGAA POST API to communicate directly with third-party services, please read the below guidelines.

A better way for integration

Today DUGAA products are used across the globe, and our clients are integrating our products with 100s of third-party service providers.

These 3rd party service providers may vary from global ERP, CRM vendors to local shipping companies that provide services to remote areas in Africa, a South American financial institute or a local SMS provider that has better coverage for specific provinces in China.

What needs to be considered is the service that might be very popular in one country may be banned altogether in another country. On the other hand, global enterprises may prefer one 3rd-party vendor over another.

Here are important guidelines to make this integration smooth and successful.

  • Please do not ask us to read 3rd party API documentation or create an account in third party websites.
  • We will not install any 3rd party code or SDK server-side or client-side, and we will not modify our product source code to suit a third party service provider.
  • Clients need to follow DUGAA POST API guidelines and provide the information in the exact required format. It is short and straightforward, yet you will be able to create a powerful integration.

Example of DUGAA API guidelines

In DUGAA Admin area API zone, you can use a utility to create and manage multiple POST-APIs. Each POST-API can be hooked to a special event.

A simple example of sending JSON data to third-party service provider may require the followings:

  1. URL: where we need to send the data to (Domain, Sub-domain, IP).
  2. Port: Most API communications are done over port 443 HTTPS, which you can safely ignore unless the vendor is specifically listening to a different port number.
  3. Method: Normally the method is POST.
  4. Authentication / Credentials: This is where the target server will authenticate and know who you are.
  5. Format: JSON is a common API format, however CSV and XML are also supported.
  6. Fields (Keys): This is where we need to know what actually the API is listening to and what may cause an error. Forexample "name", "Name", "person_name" can be 3 different fields and may cause error in the third-party API.
  7. Response format and fields: This is where DUGAA API will know if the data is sent successfully.
  8. Optional Encryption: The posted data can be encrypted, this encryption is additional to SSL/TLS. We have several options for admin to select the encryption algorithm and set the cipher key. Once the data is sent to your endpoint then it can be decrypted by using the same algorithm and key.