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Technical support management system

Currently, DUGAA ROILIO (Lead management system), focuses on lead management and it is designed for sales and marketing department. DUGAA SATURN focuses on the technical support aspects. It is designed with support workflow in mind and it can be interconnected with other DUGAA systems.

Core features


  • Create individual agent.
  • Create groups to handle certain types of issues.

Ticket creation

  • Admin create support tickets.
  • Integrated with website technical support form and directly create support tickets.

Ticket dispatch

  • Automatically assign tickets to agents and groups based on keywords, companies or other criteria.
  • Notify customers and agents automatically about the changes happening in their ticket.
  • Assign tickets to agents based on their current workload or circulation.

Knowledge base

  • Create quick, consistent responses to frequently asked questions with pre-formatted and pre-approved replies.
  • Integrated with DUGAA CEDAR (Knowledge Management) to provide multi-language support information.
  • Suggest solutions automatically to help customers find answers quickly.

SLA rules and management

  • Set SLA target based on Service Level Agreements.
  • Create custom SLA rules by products or companies
  • Set different time zone for each agent or group so tickets or other elements will be displayed in their local time.


  • Automatically notify customers and agents when there are changes happening in their ticket.

Access roles control

  • Define different access level permission to each agent.
  • Set the rule to make sure complex issues are not routed to new, inexperienced agents.

Customer satisfaction

  • eMail customer satisfaction surveys immediately after agent serving the customer.

Reports and Analytics

  • Monitor each agent's performance.
  • Get insightful report and analysis.
Email API

Email API

Connect your incoming email content and attachments into DUGAA system.

Advanced Access control

Advanced Access control

DUGAA Advanced Access Level Control helps companies to set up the safety mechanism for the staff using the system.

Email and SMS Messaging

Email and SMS Messaging

Email and SMS Messaging