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Next Gen RMA System

DUGAA RMAONE is the next generation Cloud-based RMA system that utilizes big data to provide an incredible insight to your RMA. It is powered by DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology. This means it can process a 100s of millions of records in milliseconds and perform critical tasks like warranty calculations or finding repair history for sub-components of the device.

Full RMA Workflow

RMAONE comes with full workflow from RMA submission, analysis, repair, quotation, shipment to archive.

RMAONE can send the notifications to admin and clients at every stage to keep everyone on track.

MES or ERP integration

Integration can be done autonomously with DUGAA API. Product information such as manufacture date, serial numbers, MAC address, component lists and more, all can be synched and integrated.

Full Repair Process

RMAONE provides the functions from repair analysis to repair quotation. Engineers can select the fault location and fault reason. Also they can define the repair components prices and labor prices and send the quotation to the clients for approval.

Complex Warranty

The warranty setting can be customized. Admin can set the warranty duration by product, by client, shipment date or the combination of complex rules.

Product Insight

Get full insight of every product. Companies today need the insightful information to help them to analyze the data in order to make better and right decisions, fast and accurately.

Client Sandbox

Your clients can build up their RMA list from any device, anytime. The data is saved so they can continue working building the RMA list anytime.

Admin can see client sandbox live to provide support while clients are building their RMA list.

Scan to find any Serial Number

No more manual key-in. Your clients can scan any barcode defined with RMAONE, such as serial number or MAC address. RMAONE can find the product data in milliseconds thanks to our REFLEX Big Data technology.

Accept or Reject Quotation

Client accept or reject itemized quotation function can be added to help your clients to decide how they like to deal with the repairs.

DUGAA RMAONE is the next generation Cloud-based RMA system that utilizes big data to provide an incredible insight to your RMA. It is powered by DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology. This means it can process a billion records of data in milliseconds and perform critical tasks like warranty calculations or finding repair history for sub-components of the device.

The name RMAONE was chosen since it truly reflects our RMA system. Traditionally handling one RMA involved switching between various platforms from telephone, fax, email, ERP systems to Excel and web based tools. With DUGAA RMA ONE you will have one and only one system to do all the RMA process from submission, authorization, revision, shipping, repair, quotation, syncing data with ERP systems, loading data from MES systems and finally dispatching the products. Through innovative design of RMA sandboxes, even your RMA employees can perform necessary support before RMA submission, helping your clients to efficiently prepare the RMA list.

Every stage of RMA from client RMA submission, authorization to shipments of RMA has been accommodated into DUGAA RMA ONE elegantly.

Client Sandbox at RMA submission stage is the tool that will take your client experience to the next level. This feature allows administrators to assist clients prior to RMA submission.

DUGAA RMAONE can be integrated with repair process. Therefore, all stages of repair workflow from diagnostics to repair costs can all be done in one single system.

Clouse-based RMA System

Staff in the company and your clients can access the system anywhere, anytime at their convenience. The progress can be checked immediately.

Big data-driven

Powered by DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology, RMA ONE is a big data-driven system capable of handling and processing millions of records in the blink of an eye.

In company and with customer

RMAONE helps the company to organize and process RMA internally as well as provides an interface for their worldwide business customers to submit and track their RMA.

Fast & accurate RMAONE simplifies return materials handling process from client submission to RMA report creation.

Cloud-based Return Material Authorisation System. Based on big data-driven DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology, RMAONE can handle millions of serial numbers in milliseconds. RMAONE helps enterprises manage the day-to-day return materials efficiently and productively

MES, ERP integration

Smart and flexible. Read and synchronize data with Manufacturing Execution System (MES), featuring MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) to provide enterprise level security.

Data auto synch and process

Manufacturing data in JSON format on your FTP can be synched and processed automatically in RMAONE, saving human resources and optimizing data accuracy.

Record duplicate checks

LIMBO is a micro system inside RMAONE. LIMBO pinpoints any logical, technical errors and in the coming product data as well as duplicate data against millions records in the database.

Product warranty management

Set the product warranty length or choose advanced warranty management to customize the warranty based on the SLA agreed with your customers.

Repair price management

Admin can create and manage repair details and its price and RMAONE will calculate the parts and labor prices. Admin can set if the customers can see the repair prices.

Fault analysis management

Create and manage the fault analysis by categories and the details. You can set prices for each item. Engineers then can use the fault list when they are working on the repairs.

Quotation approval with customers

Quotation details can be displayed to the customers when they log in to their account. They can approve the quotation to proceed the RMA repairs.

Activity logs and reports

Every action from the MES/ERP data imports, RMA authorization, Analysis, Repair to shipment stage is logged. Reports can be generated for your further analysis.

Scan and submit RMA

Customers simply use scanner to submit RMA product.

No manual typing any Serial Numbers.

Scan any SN or MAC

Customers can scan any serial numbers or MAC numbers in a product. RMAONE will search in millions of records and prompt the information in milliseconds.

Real-time warranty information

RMAONE can display warranty information to the customers once they scan the product barcode.

Gather insightful feedback


RMAONE helps both company and its customers save time and increase productivity. Reduce communication by paper, email, fax or phone calls.


By using DUGAA RMAONE, the product return information can be used to improve the production or design and helps manufacturers gather insightful feedback.


By automating the RMA process and the accurate data, RMAONE help staff in different departments to view and complete their tasks, simple and clear.

Advanced Access control

Advanced Access control

DUGAA Advanced Access Level Control helps companies to set up the safety mechanism for the staff using the system.



Either structured or unstructured data, LIMBO improves the data quality with atomic operations.

CSV, JSON, XML tools

CSV, JSON, XML tools

CSV, JSON, XML tools are designed for DUGAA systems, helping you to import batch data.

RMA Sandbox

RMA Sandbox

Sandbox helps your clients build up their RMA list. The data is saved even your clients change browsers or devices.

DUGAA API Integration

DUGAA API Integration

All DUGAA products have options to be equipped with RESTful API.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

DUGAA ERP Integration module is smart and flexible that can read and sync data with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

MES Integration

MES Integration

DUGAA Integration with Manufacturing execution system (MES)

FTP Tool

FTP Tool

DUGAA FTP Tools module is designed to automate many FTP tasks like download and verification of files.

Multi-Data Center

Multi-Data Center

DUGAA cloud based solutions are build with multi-data center architecture in mind.

DUGAA Generator

DUGAA Generator

DUGAA Document Generator module can export your data into PDF