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DUGAA Generator, Datasheet, order information, catalog generatorDUGAA Generator, Datasheet, order information, catalog generator


DUGAA Generator provides a new way of generating PDF documents in your Global multi-country website system. With DUGAA Generator, product data sheets and order information can be generated automatically.

Key features of Generator

  • Create multi-language data sheets.
  • Upload data sheets into download sites.
  • Create version number.
  • Automatically update the checksum md5 and sha1 values.
  • Update all associate data from file size to document meta data seamlessly.

What does Generator require

Generator is aware of product spec and order information which are fully structured in DUGAA STARNET, STARGOLD and RDATA. The data is collected over the time from different departments in your company following their normal day to day operations in DUGAA system.

Integrates with:
DUGAA STARGOLD(Ecommerce system)
DUGAA ALLY(Partner system)

Traditionally, creating a data sheet or product catalogue for large companies with hundreds of products could take thousands of man-hours. Creating a data sheet by copying and pasting data from Excel into publishing software is a time consuming process and it requires attention and proofreading.

The story does not end here. Despite all the precautions, human error is inevitable.

Once the data sheet is finished and uploaded to your website, you may think that all is OK. But couple of days later, product managers correct mistakes in product specifications and this means the data sheet needs to be generated and uploaded all over again.

There are some talents trying to automate this process by linking Excel or XML to Adobe Indesign etc., but it is not solving the problem of lengthy and repetitive works.

DUGAA GENERATOR sets a new milestone in autonomous work environment.

Notifications when data is updated in RDATA.

Automatically creates data sheet.

Automate workflow by creating data sheet, versioning and updating the file to global website automatically.

Automatically creates Multi-Language data sheet.

Use pre-defined layout templates with your company logo, colors, header and footer.

Maximum accuracy with minimum duplicated manual works and human errors.

Generator can work in any of the 3 modes

1. Manual one click execution.
2. Time intervals autonomous updates.
3. Autonomously update once it detects a change.

Create Product catalog for print

Creating data sheet is a job that only takes a few seconds, not hours or months.

Your designers may choose document templates and tweak a few layout settings. This is one time operation, from this point forward the system will do its jobs.

DUGAA RDATA(Resource system)
DUGAA STARTNET(Multi-language Website system)
DUGAA STARGOLD(Multi-language Ecommerce system)

Catalog print module

With DUGAA Catalog module, the functionality of DUGAA GENERATOR is extended to create large PDF file suitable for high resolution print. There are many additional settings so you can have full control over print layout.
You can automate table of content generation, display page numbers, have separate layouts for facing pages left and right, adjust print page size, orientation, gutters and bleed.

Create master pages with your company logo, brand colors, header and footer

Hi-resolution pictures should be upload to the DUGAA GENERATOR server for maximum speed and efficiency.

You can create a multi-language product catalogue for hundreds of products in just a few minutes. If the data is changed, just create the catalogue one more time with a few clicks.

DUGAA GENERATOR - Saving thousands of man-hours with ultimate accuracy.

Generator will save 1000s of man hour, and take your company documents, productivity and accuracy to a whole new level which could not be done by human.

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