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DUGAA RATA Resources SystemDUGAA RATA Resources System
DUGAA GeneratorDUGAA Generator
  • Big data driven. Enterprise-grade RMA system.
  • DUGAA RMAONE is big-data driven and accommodates entire RMA workflow in one system, including submission, analysis, quotation, repair and more. RMAONE is designed with awareness and accuracy at subcomponent level.
  • Enterprise-grade multi-country website system, designed for global manufacturers.
  • DUGAA multi-country website system STARNET is an enterprise-grade solution designed for global manufacturers. STARNET is powered by DUGAA patented technologies.
  • Enterprise-grade multi-country E-commerce system, designed for global manufacturers.
  • DUGAA multi-country E-commerce system STARGOLD is an enterprise-grade B2B or B2C solution designed for global manufacturers. It is powered by DUGAA patented technologies.
  • Integrated resource system that stores and processes all product related information.
  • DUGAA RDATA Resource System is the foundation of modern management of product data and information. RDATA helps you to centralize product specifications, order information, downloads and more.
  • ALLY
  • Interact and share content with your business partners.
  • DUGAA ALLY is a Partner Zone System. It is an integrated system with advanced access control which provides the platform for you to interact and share content with your resellers, distributors and business partners.
  • Generate product data sheet or catalog autonomously. The vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • DUGAA Generator is an integrated system that is aware of all products, specifications, order information and more. The tasks that could take thousands of man-hour per year, with Generator, it can be done in seconds - with ultimate accuracy.
  • Integrated lead management system which adopts to your enterprise workflow.
  • DUGAA ROILIO is a simple yet powerful lead management system that adopts to any enterprise workflow.
  • DUGAA SATURN Technical support system
  • DUGAA SATURN is a technical support management system that helps you to track technical support tickets.
  • ECHO
  • Intelligent and content aware chat system.
  • DUGAA ECHO chat system is an integrated solution and it is designed specifically to be aware of content. It provides realtime information to chat administrator about content of user messages.
  • Integrated workflow management system.
  • DUGAA MFLOW is an enterprise level solution which improves business processes and increases productivity. MFLOW is big-data driven.
  • Streamline your knowledge generation and management.
  • DUGAA CEDAR Knowledge Management System helps you to generate, store and process knowledge in your enterprise.
  • Enterprise Media Bank System
  • DUGAA SUNRAY media bank system merges all your media assets in the cloud. SUNRAY uses automatic image recognition and tagging combined with fast search and image suggestions tools.