DUGAA Multi-Data Center

    Multi-Data Center

    In the area of Cloud, we take everything one step further and build applications which can run from multiple data centers. This advanced feature is the result of DUGAA ORION technology which utilizes numbers of technologies to bring the ultimate performance for high traffic websites.

    • Multi-Data Center is recommended when you have high-traffic from different parts of the world.
    • Multi-Data Center is recommended when you have many tables in your database which are bigger than a few gigabyte and each of them contains over 10 million records.
    • Multi-Data Center is not caching. Caching is good for reading data but it will fail when writing data is required. Caching will also add another extra layer to manage and normally the performance is poor when there are frequent micro data changes in your application.
    • Multi-Data Center is not CDN or content delivery. CDN loads static website content like images.
    • Multi-Data Center is where the real databases, server side queries, read and write of data will happen across multiple servers located in different parts of the world.

    Imagine you have a member table in your database about 3GB in size containing a few million member records. With DUGAA ORION, it will make sure reading/writing and query this table happens in milliseconds. Moreover, the member traffic can be spread depending on their geographical locations.