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DUGAA, helping manufacturers to focus on their core business.

At DUGAA, we are proud to work beyond the conventions of the corporate world.

We take time to expand the systems that empower them to do more. We believe this is the future.


DUGAA was established in 2011 with the vision of providing manufacturers smart solutions to expand their business globally.

We deliver high-end systems to global manufacturers to increase their Creativity, Accuracy and Productivity.

We strong believe that the quality is key factor for the success. The system must be work, it must be clever and reliable. That is why we are continuously doing research and development to provide better and smarter systems.


Today’s change in the work environment is both cultural and technological. Many manufacturers today are still operating based on the principles set in the era of the first industrial revolution. Today we are in the stage of Industry 4.0, the age of automation and cyber physical systems.

However this stage is just a transitional stage and soon we will have autonomous manufacturing process powered by Artificial Intelligence. This is not science fiction anymore. It will be widely accepted as a norm. AI and IoT(Internet of Things) will change the manufacturing process completely. Be prepared!

R&D Lab

Our products today are the result of extraordinary work of our R&D in DUGAA lab. DUGAA products are fast, easy to learn and smart. We are constantly taking steps forward to create smarter systems bringing joy and happiness to the work environment of 1000s of users.

Naming of DUGAA

Letters and numbers are the means of communication.
In multiple ancient languages, the word DUGAA is translated to “discipline and order”.
This word represents the force that created the first human civilization.
Surprisingly in terms of numerology the name DUGAA also reflects its origins.

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