DUGAA SUNRAY Enterprise Media Bank

    Enterprise Media Bank

    DUGAA SUNRAY - Enterprise Media Bank

    DUGAA SUNRAY - an Enterprise Media Bank system is a cloud-based solution to centralize and protect your media assets.

    While many cloud providers are targeting individual designers, and providing various sharing options, none meets the criteria of the real-world enterprise.

    DUGAA SUNRAY has the enterprise-first architecture. It is not just a single cloud, it is combined of 3 parts:

    • SUNRAY Portal
    • SUNRAY Storage
    • DUGAA Hive Desktop APP

    The purpose of DUGAA SUNRAY is not just about utilizing media assets, it’s about utilizing your human resources and improving productivity.

    SUNRAY provides the convenience for the design team to access the media, at the same time it helps to protect enterprise’s media assets and prevent the media assets loses when staff leaving the jobs or staff rotation.

    DUGAA SUNRAY Enterprise Media Bank enables businesses to hire freelancers and share the stock media securely. When designers or freelancers need the assets, they need to ask for permission first, and the authorized person in the enterprise can grant the permission for them to access these assets or provide the assets with automatic generated watermark to them.


    DUGAA Hive Desktop App

    You can import thousands of files with various formats into the SUNRAY Storage. Each file will be renamed based on File Naming Convention (FNC) rules.

    Duplicated files will be notified even if the file name is different, or even if the media exists in a different cloud folder.

    Automatic tagging and image recognition for jpeg, png, eps and svg files. You also can do manual tagging of the assets.

    With DUGAA Hive desktop app, you can drag and drop all folders and files and the app will organize, rename, automatically tag (using image recognition) and finally will create an upload queue.

    When you are ready click the upload button and multi-threaded upload mechanism will start.

    Each upload to the SUNRAY Storage will update the SUNRAY Portal simultaneously.

    Users can sign in to the SUNRAY Portal and this would be the main interface for most users all the time.


    Super-fast search engine powered by DUGAA REFLEX 3 technology. Search terra-bites of files and the results will be on your screen within milli-seconds. Given terabyte of media files no cloud provider and no desktop operating system to date can match the DUGAA SUNRAY search speed.


    System can suggest media to the users based on private lightbox and team light box. This is an incredibly smart tool that improves productivity and speed. For media suggestion, SUNRAY takes many parameters into consideration from tags, file formats, colors, keywords in the user transcript and more. For privacy all data captured and processed for media suggestion are within your SUNRAY product and will not communicate with external services.

    Image Recognition and tagging

    DUGAA image-recognition is wrapping layer around third-party image recognition APIs such Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

    Our system will process media files and send the data to external API and stores the results in your SUNRAY Portal database. Many of these API’s will not handle Vector graphics or files larger than 4MB, buy using DUGAA Image Recognition combined with external APIs.

    You can automatically tag images as large as 100MB and tag vector based graphics such as “.eps” and “.svg” formats.

    By using DUGAA Hive Desktop App, you can drag a folder containing thousands of files with various formats and sizes, just check the boxes if you wish to run the image recognition and automatic tagging.


    SUNRAY will bring your media assets to life; with a centralize management system and set of smart features you will be able to manage your media assets like no other solution to date.

    It’s not just about utilizing media assets it’s about utilizing your human resources and improving productivity.

    Age of media darkness is over

    Today many enterprises have no visibility on their media assets. Also accessing to these files are not monitored. Many companies admit that sharing enterprise media with personal cloud storage mean loss of assets and data breach.

    Files are normally scattered everywhere from USB flash to private cloud storage, when it comes to organizing the files, the best scenario can be achieved is to use a NAS server with user permissions.

    All these methods have flaws. Access is not controlled and data is just dumped in to the disk.

    The new employees who want to access the files need to remember the location of every file and folder, which in many situations, these do not follow any standard File Name Convention (FNC).

    Designers may waste hours in creating the same effect or object which has been created many times before. Because the files are scattered all over the place, they are not accessible.

    Staff may add up some unnecessary expenses by purchasing identical stock footage. Simply, no one knows similar stock media has been purchased before. And for the freelance designer accessing the company’s assets, what assets did they download? A few kilobytes or few terabytes?

    Current model of storing and sharing media asset has endless problems and many of these problems are tangible while many others will remain in dark.


    Users can create multiple private lightboxes.

    Users can create project based team lightboxes.

    Users can add transcripts to the items in their private lightbox or team lightbox.

    Access level

    Managers can set sophisticated access level for each user, group, or team. For example: who can preview the media and who can download the high-resolution format of the media.

    When users find the right media asset, they can send a request permission for download.
    Clear log and download history per user.
    Restrict access by IP address and working hours.


    No Per user charges

    No charges for storage or bandwidth. Simply setup your own Storage or directly purchase Amazon S3.


    DUGAA BIG HIVE Desktop App

    DUGAA BIG HIVE Desktop App

    A desktop application, designed to do the heavy lifting of file processing and file transfer.

    Advanced Access control

    Advanced Access control

    DUGAA Advanced Access Level Control helps companies to set up the safety mechanism for the staff using the system.

    Action Logs

    Action Logs

    Takes the system logging to the next level. Provide new type of metrics, charts and clear human readable reports. An elegant tool to visualize your employees Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

    Image Recognition / Tagging

    Image Recognition / Tagging

    Designed for DUGAA Knowledge Management System and Media Bank System.

    FTP Tool

    FTP Tool

    Designed to automate many FTP tasks such as downloads and verification of files.