DUGAA MICRO WORKFLOW workflow management system

    Micro Workflow

    DUGAA MFLOW - Micro Workflow improves business processes and increases productivity.

    DUGAA MFLOW - MICRO WORKFLOW System is designed with enterprise work environment in mind. You can build your workflow in minutes. No coding required, just drag & drop. You can also decide where staff can share, collaborate and where the data, work process must be restricted to specific access levels.

    Scale up the productivity with DUGAA MFLOW. It helps your businesses take control of the routine processes and help you manage better. MFLOW Allows individuals to automate repetitive processes, follows up automatically on uncompleted tasks in the process and gives an overall picture of the workflow along with performance metrics.



    MFLOW is a revolutionary workflow management system designed to improve business processes and increase productivity.

    MFLOW can be used as a standalone or integrated with other DUGAA systems.


    Use Case1:

    MFLOW can be integrated with DUGAA RMA System to manage the RMA repair process.

    Use Case2:

    MFLOW can be used with DUGAA Enterprise Website System to allocate tasks, monitor progress, approve and ask for revisions of the website content, artwork, technical data, etc.


    Minimum learning curve

    MFLOW requires a minimum learning curve for your staff. They will work easily with the system because it is tailored-made to your business needs.


    Solid and robust

    MFLOW is solid, robust and enterprise-grade tool that is built on top of ORION and REFLEX technology. It has been tested and improved over the years from hundreds of customers feedback.


    Fast delivery

    The days of bloated tools that are complex, expensive and require steep learning curves, training courses, blurry license fees are over.

    We believe enterprise solutions need to be deployed fast. Staff need to be trained and be able to operate in a matter of hours. We believe solutions should have clear charges and must deliver great value to our customers. Thats why we developed and added DUGAA MICRO WORKFLOW to our product range.

    Status Indicator

    With our status indicator, you will be able to see the problem areas. In addition, the system can predict and send notification when there is a chance of problem to occur. This gives management team extra time to deal with and possibly prevent the problems before it happens.

    Progress logs and notifications

    Progress logs, progress visualization and notifications. Every step of the workflow will be registered and visualized clearly. There are options to set notification methods such as web-app notifications, email notifications or SMS.

    Web-App ready

    DUGAA MFLOW system can be used as a web-app with no additional cost and it is cross-platform compatible on iOS, Android and Windows.


    Advanced Access control

    Advanced Access control

    DUGAA Advanced Access Level Control helps companies to set up the safety mechanism for the staff using the system.

    DUGAA API Integration

    DUGAA API Integration

    All DUGAA products have options to be equipped with RESTful API.

    Document Generator

    Document Generator

    Set the templates and export product data sheet or other data into PDF with a few clicks.