RMA System

By using the DUGAA RMA system, the RMA process becomes simple and easy both for the manufacturers and the clients. The product return information can be used to improve the production or design and helps manufacturers gather insightful feedback.

Enterprise Website System

DUGAA Enterprise Website system is specially designed for Multi-language and Multi-country global sites.

Enterprise Ecommerce System

Enterprise Ecommerce System helps your business connect with your customers directly.

DUGAA Workflow Management

Workflow Management is solid, robust and enterprise-grade tool which can be integrated in DUGAA systems.

DUGAA Resources System

DUGAA Resources System is a cloud-based system. Businesses can build and maintain their data and make it consistent across the systems.

DUGAA Partner Zone

DUGAA Partner Zone is a cloud-based system, providing business to allocate resources to their partners according to their rank or level.

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What is DUGAA?

We are an innovative company that breaks traditions, offering cloud-based platforms and solutions that fit your business’s needs. At DUGAA we have developed our own set of technologies and solutions that can change the way enterprises generate, manage and use their information.

From company content data management, multi-country website solutions, B2B multi-level e-commerce system to Return Material Authorization solutions, there is no infrastructure to set up, simply log into the system, start working and accelerate your workflow.

DUGAA systems can connect and integrate with each other,

offering manufacturers a true total solution.



DUGAA REFLEX brings the power of Big Data to your enterprise at the fraction of cost and worry-free maintenance.

DUGAA REFLEX technology is used to capture and process large amounts of data.

REFLEX stands right between the traditional methods of data storage and data query, which are not capable of today’s large scale data processing. Moreover modern solutions are far too expensive to purchase and maintain.

Use case: Imagine before your client submits a technical support form, they scan the barcode of the device or any of its parts, they can instantly get feedback about warranty status of the device. In this example by using REFLEX technology we can query a few hundred million serial numbers, device-id numbers of the products and even the subcomponents then calculate the status of the warranty of the device based on the date of manufacturing, date of sales and model. REFLEX also considers exclusive warranty terms which your company may have had with the buyer. The entire process will happen in mili-seconds. Sound simple, because REFLEX makes it simple.

You will be surprised at the amount of raw data floating in your company unprocessed. Our clients who started with 100K records thought they had reached their limit, a year later they are processing over a million records and the numbers are constantly growing.




DUGAA ORION concentrates on high-traffic and multi-country solutions, where the load and traffic must be distributed between multiple clouds or data centers located in multiple geographical locations. You will still use DUGAA’s single panel to monitor and maintain your information, however all your static content, live data and server queries will be distributed.

DUGAA ORION can dramatically reduce your cloud charges. No more surprise bills. Let ORION improve your website performance significantly.

If you are not sure where your traffic stands, the good news is all our products that use DUGAA ORION technology by default will run from a single cloud, which is fast and sufficient for most businesses. However ORION has the potential to be distributed seamlessly across multiple geo-locations when you need it.