DUGAA Rethinking the EnterpriseDUGAA Rethinking the Enterprise

What we do

We create awesome enterprise solutions that are easy to use, scalable and modular.

Our focus is the manufacturing sector. To be precise, our products are designed to answer the needs of global manufacturers.

Today tens of world-renowned companies, stock market listed companies and thousands of their employees are using DUGAA systems across the globe.


DUGAA started in 2011, with the passion to make the work environment more productive. We are creating systems that help every day staff to perform their tasks to the best. These small improvements in every section of the work process will translate to progress and business expansion in the larger picture.

DUGAA products

Our products are built for global manufacturers and enterprises. We have modular product design and each of our modules are highly customizable to fit your exact needs.

Innovation is not just a word. It is a culture at DUGAA. We created DUGAA Orion for scalability and DUGAA Reflex for big data. We have innovated many work processes and consequently our products are in the leagues of their own.